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One night thought.

Adarsh KanojiyaLast Seen: Mar 14, 2024 @ 3:28pm 15MarUTC
Adarsh Kanojiya

2nd February 2024 | 5 Views
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I thought too much yesterday or that’s why I felt bad because you are my bff, my love is also limited to this place or that’s why I felt bad because you said that my love is not my best friend. Vish’s love is one sided, that’s why I came to know from day one that I have never felt any difference and will never feel any difference when you responded to me that you also have some kind of feelings. I am so happy that no one has come into my life who loves me more than you. Never break your heart, never make you cry or hurt you at all. The main color of his teeth is a little dull.

I have found my place and I am the main one in my life. I have never even thought about whether I am alone or just a BFF. I have a very special feeling with you, I haven’t met you yet or we both have become BFFs, this is strange but this is true. Or bf’s love is always more than bff’s, it is not true or false, it is just a simple fact. I can love u till bff only and bf wo toh sab kuch hi hota h. I felt the pain that shouldn’t have happened, but why did I start reacting so much that I couldn’t achieve the ideal. 

I never overthink about anything, I remained calm all the time, there was no worry about anyone, no tension and all. You will not trust me, I have done everything of my own free will but now all things are changed, I listen to you and do that thing without any second thought in my mind. I was so attached or loved so much till now or so much with my wife, I shared everything and gave it without even thinking.

I have never shared this even with my male best friend, but he is my friend and without talking to me, everyone understands. One day I told you that you said that whenever you are tense, you are worried about talking to me. My happiness is always with you or in my offer, you are very different, you said it in a hurtful manner or I realized what I said or then I loved you, I found out this too. That I couldn’t get more angry than a day, I used to do everything right, but never at night did I get angry either at you or at me because that night didn’t give me any sleep, chain all or just or just pain. milta h

Why did it happen to me that I did not understand myself? I always thought that even if I forget you, you should not be hurt because I have not accepted one thing or by hurting another you, I will also hurt myself. Why am I writing all this? He did not understand me but did not even stop. He is crying more and more, you are still with me now its 3.21 he has lost his sleep or is having different pain in life, he has to face every situation so its my time to face all this stuff but why I am writing all this Idk.

simple I thing main all this apnea gives you no control of mine. If you ever read this then you will understand that I have gone completely crazy but to think like this is just an emotion which is flowing like water. my writing main.tujhe pata hai main jise pyaar karta hun hun use kabhi bol tha tha but u teach me that whatever direct words should be given or main toh budhu hun what to say or what not all words should be given to me.this night it is too much It’s not bad till now it’s only 4.58, it’s just that my hand is also shaking, that’s it, what’s the mistake I’m doing, I’ve promised you to stop and sleep, I won’t sleep to break your promise, I’m going to work on you.

Adarsh KanojiyaLast Seen: Mar 14, 2024 @ 3:28pm 15MarUTC

Adarsh Kanojiya



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