Whispers of the Morning


3rd July 2024 | 8 Views | 0 Likes

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In the quiet morn’s gentle hush,

Dreams linger without a rush.

Sunrise whispers, softly cue,

Nature’s hug, intimately true.

Coffee swirls in a morning trance,

A liquid waltz, a sweet romance.

Mug in hand, the day’s debut,

Warmth in sips, cozily close to you.

Life’s kaleidoscope, vibrant and new,

Moments painted in shades that grew.

Laughter tinkles, like morning dew,

Joyful echoes, intimately close to you.

Amidst chaos, a tranquil bay,

Troubles ebb, float, and fade away.

Breathe in calm, let stress eschew,

Serene exhales, in quiet close to you.

In the cadence of a cherished song,

Heartbeats sync, melodies strong.

Lyrics weave emotions true,

Harmony’s embrace, tenderly close to you.

Stars in the velvet night’s embrace,

A cosmic quilt, sparkling space.

Wishes rise like kites in view,

Dreams aloft, intimately close to you.

Embrace the dance of moments dear,

Love, laughter, and heartfelt cheer.

Life’s grand tapestry, woven through,

Every thread intimately close to you.

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