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The rise of Mr.Tom #Novel

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Milyin » 547048 » The rise of Mr.Tom #Novel

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Chapter 1
“Mke, can you lend me another 10,000 Yuan? The hospital encouraged me again… ”



Dustin Zhou said, looking at his wife Mira Xie with a shy face.

Mira Xie was surprised when she heard those words, became tired, took a collection of money from her bag and gave it to her




Dustin Zhou bowed his head to get the money, said thank you in a low voice.

The tall, melon-seeded Mira Xie with a sensitive facial expression, certainly deserves the four words of Fenghua Peerless.



Although Dustin Zhou was considered a good man, he was still far behind him.

Three years ago, Dustin Zhou, who graduated from college, was thinking about a bright future like all young people, but at the time, his single-raised mother experienced uremia.



While Dustin Zhou was worried about medical expenses, Mira Xie, with whom he had been in love for three years in high school, he found her and offered to marry her as soon as she was ready to be his son-in-law.

Not only that, Mira Xie also promised to give her a lot of dowry money.



Although Dustin Zhou knew that Mira Xie never loved her, she also knew that Mira Xie found her because of someone else.

But Dustin Zhou agreed to be able to treat his mother.

In the last three years, Dustin Zhou has been a cow and horse in the Xie family.



But even so, she was never accepted by Mira Xie’s parents, and was often ridiculed.

Although Mira Xie did not tease her much, she did not let her touch her after three years of marriage.



At this time, Mira Xie’s mother just opened the door and entered.

When she saw Mira Xie giving money to Dustin Zhou, she suddenly appeared to step on his tail and jumped and said, “Mira, why are you giving money to this waste again?”



“Dustin Zhou, tell yourself, how much money have you taken from our house in the last few years?”



“Have you sent a penny to this house?”

The mother-in-law’s bitter-like-gun lyrics had Dustin Zhou bowing his head.

“Mom, sooner or later I’ll give Mira back the money, but now my mom is still waiting for dialysis…”



Mother-in-law said gently: “ What does your mother’s illness have to do with our family? Use our family as a banker? Will the hell have been the case! Did you know that the Mira company is now in a more difficult stage? ”

After that, she told Mira Xie: “Mira, I can’t give her this money!”



While he was speaking, he ran forward to collect money from Dustin Zhou.

“Mom, forget it.”

Mira Xie stopped him in a tired voice and said, “The affairs of the company cannot be resolved by ten thousand yuan, forget it.”



Seeing Mira Xie’s weak face, Dustin Zhou knew that he must be deeply saddened by himself in his heart.

Her cosmetics company is now going through a big crisis, but it can’t help her, it can’t be her pillar…

The mother-in-law’s dissatisfaction with Dustin Zhou seemed more than a hindrance. He said angrily: “I don’t know what the use of raising you is! The son-in-law of others makes a lot of money. In waste! ”



At this time, just after 12 pm, the door was knocked.

Dustin Zhou lit his faces, and couldn’t help but embarrass.



Mira Xie’s beautiful face showed the effect of helplessness and sadness, then she got up and opened the door.



“Miss Xie, these are today’s flowers, please sign!”

Outside the door was a man who gave birth, holding a large bouquet of red flowers, which looked particularly bright.

Seeing the flowers, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help roll up his fists. He knew it was sent by Mira Xie’s fiancée Chalrlie Chen.

Three years ago, Chalrlie Chen ignored Mira Xie’s conservatorship and insisted on going abroad. This angered Mira Xie and hired Dustin Zhou to be her son-in-law.

But a year ago when Chalrlie Chen came back from studying abroad, the first thing she did was follow Mira Xie’s hunter.

Compared to Dustin Zhou, who was from a poor family, Chalrlie Chen, who has returned from abroad, is not only a very successful student in financial management, but he is also a well-known household celebrity.

Since Mira Xie turned down the first pink bouquet posted by Chalrlie Chen a year ago, she’s been sending roses every day, year after year.

This kind of patience, if it turns into another girl, I’m afraid it would fall long ago.

Fortunately, Mira Xie seemed to break her old relationship with Chalrlie Chen, so she did not accept her kindness, which also gave Dustin Zhou great comfort.

However, Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law hoped that Mira Xie might divorce Dustin Zhou and accept Chalrlie Chen again.

In this way, the problems encountered by Mira Xie can also be solved.

After all, Chalrlie Chen’s family is very strong, and helping him is easy.

However, Mira Xie did not buy it.

She told the man who gave birth: “I’m sorry, I won’t agree, you have to give it back.”

The mother-in-law woke up quickly and said, “Chalrlie, this kid understands love, and Mira, you, too. Why don’t you like it? ”

“Come on I’ll sign it!”

After speaking, he signed for a handful of hot flowers with a smile on his face.

Mira Xie did not condemn her mother’s actions, but the fatigue in Mira’s face became more intense.

“Mom, I go to the bank to talk about the loan, so let’s go first!”

As Mira Xie put it, she took the bag and got out.

As soon as Mira Xie left, the atmosphere in the living room became more embarrassing.

Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law held a rose and praised: “This rose is so beautiful, Chalrlie’s baby is so beautiful. I won’t say if I have money in the family. I have great potential and I understand love… ”

Dustin Zhou felt a fire in his face and stood up and said, “Mom, I went to the hospital.”

After he finished speaking, regardless of his mother-in-law’s contempt, he got up quickly and got out.

Leaving home, Dustin Zhou’s heart was blocked in pain.

The taste of respect is not worth it!

Not that he didn’t think about changing all this. However, relying on his usual marketing work, the money he made was not enough to treat his mother. What ability does he have to change the status quo?

The bad truth is like a heavy chain, and Dustin Zhou can’t breathe.


City hospital nurse center.

“Hey, I’m here to cover Aria Wang’s medical expenses.”

A young nurse raised her head and looked at Dustin Zhou, looked at the computer, and usually said: “Aria Wang’s medical expenses have been paid, and one million has been paid, including the cost of kidney transplant surgery and post-operative repair costs. I’m done. ”

Dustin Zhou was shocked. Dustin Zhou, who had never seen his father since childhood, lives with each other and his mother in this city, with a few relatives and friends.

He didn’t even think that anyone would pay his medical bills.

“Mrs nurse, can you help me figure out who paid me the medical bill?”

In the end, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help the curiosity in his heart. In fact, it was not just curiosity. Dustin Zhou always remembered his mother’s words. People can’t have money but they shouldn’t be greedy.

It is a sad thing that in the last three years, let alone disappointment, even respect seems to be worn out.

“He’s a thin, tall man, I don’t know what it’s called.”

“However, that person asked me to give you this.”

As if he was thinking of something important, the nurse quickly pulled the file bag out of the drawer and gave it to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou went to the park under the hospital and opened the file bag with curiosity.

Except for iPad and bank card, there is nothing in the file bag.

“What does it mean?”

With attention to attention, Dustin Zhou turned on the iPad, and then a video call chat box immediately emerged. A lean old man respectfully said:

“Halo, Master Dustin Zhou, my name is Zhao Tong. What I want to tell you is that according to Mr. Zhou’s will, you are the only heir to his trillion fortune. ”

Dustin Zhou’s brain sank into something empty, and he said, “My father?”

“That’s fine.” Zhao Tong bowed down and said, “Your father is the leader of the world’s Chinese business and chairman of the Zhou Group with a market value of trillions.”

After speaking, Zhao Tong said again: “I have sent the document to your mailbox. This is a list of 560-page properties, all of which belong to Mr. Zhou. You can inherit the director of the Zhou Group at any time. Long letter! ”

When Dustin Zhou heard this, he immediately shook his head and said, “No, I’m not going!”

Zhao Tong asked in surprise: “Why?”

Dustin Zhou said in serious words: “He left me and my mother at first, and I will not forgive him!”

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