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Destinied with you..#1

Arhaan DhatLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 3:17pm 15AprUTC
Arhaan Dhat

23rd January 2024 | 7 Views
Milyin » 545321 » Destinied with you..#1

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Did  she just move on, wont she ever come to see me again? How do I even know she is safe ?

I got a call when I was thinking about her in my chamber…

Oh , it’s my brother….

” what’s up…now at this time…your have called me, is something serious ?

” nothing Mayank brother ,  i found out that she is safe there . There’s no problem seen. You need some mentle peace bro…stay calm ..”

That was like a heaven. After nearly 3 months I am hearing about her. I felt relieved 

” Thanks for informing about her Samith . I am alright  . U don’t worry about me or her now. U concentrate on your studies ..take care ..see u at home “

” yeah bro, bye “

Is this a heaven…Or destiny … why do u even care about her when she had went away…why did I pull my brother into this …anything but she is safe ..that’s all i needed …

He tells to himself standing near the window…looking through it…thinking one day she will come back to him.

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Arhaan DhatLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 3:17pm 15AprUTC

Arhaan Dhat



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