Happy Birthday

It's my birthday,yet I feelempty
Woke up picturing myself next to you
Saw the other side of the bed
I realised you're not here anymore
All I needed was you needing me
Our shy hellos turned to my unwilling goodbye
We parted ways with hard-hearted words
I just want to let you know
It took everything in me
To let you go and unlove you
That's when
You penned a soul-stirring message
and wished me Happy Birthday
It was a vividly colourful Photo album
An emotional rollercoaster ride
Intoxicating me with memories
Heavy eyelids,Heavier thoughts
Best left unsaid words
Kept me awake all night
Ghost of the past resurrected
from the grave
I never healed from the wounds
that you inflicted
But I was ready to maim
myself again
When I picked up the phone
to hear you say my name.
Your voice was a melody
Sounded like a distant memory
We reminisced the old days
I cried and cried inside
till my eyes went dry
Too enervated to resist him
Fought back my urge
to ask him
Can we start over?
Give this thing a second chance
Had a bittersweet longing
for your bear-like hug
Hands wrapped around my waist
Feels blissful,takes me home
I played our songs again
Took a trip down the memory lane
Tales of beginnings
Moment of free will
The agonising goodbye
"Us" was a happy ending
that was never meant to happen
Wish I could turn back time
To live the little episodes
We once shared together
Because that's all we are left with
"The Good Times"
A resonating echo of an
aesthetically pleasing fairytale
Too much has happened
Yet it is never enough
There's nothing I could do
to make you mine again
Except to thank you for a good time
Staying awake with me till 3AM
It was indeed a Happy Birthday.
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