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6 Common Gel Nails Mistakes to Avoid (At All Cost!)

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Gel manicures can be difficult on nails, despite the fact that they can be elegant and durable. Repetitive usage of gel manicures can raise the risk of skin cancer and premature aging of the hands’ skin, as well as causing brittleness, peeling, and breaking of the nails.

So, you must avoid the most common mistakes stated in this article to maintain the health of your nails prior to, during, and following gel manicures.

Let’s get started.

Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes to Gel Nails Singapore

Mistakes 1: Using thick layering

Gel nail polish has a thicker texture and composition than conventional nail polish. There shouldn’t be more liquid on the brush than the entire nail. The thick base gel is the reason of the uneven surface; a thin first stroke is all that is needed for an even surface.

Avoid blending the gel and the brush together as this could cause some air bubbles to become stuck between the brushes and cause a bulge when applied.

Mistake 2: Not capping the nails

Because applying gel can be a pretty complicated process, it’s easy to overlook the crucial step of capping the nail’s edge.

Remember to put gel at the end of the nail as you apply the base coat, color gel, and top coat. Every nail’s edge needs to be covered with one layer of gel. If the edge isn’t painted, the manicure isn’t sealed.

Mistake 3: You’re receiving gel manicures one after the other

You should space out your manicures because taking off and applying gel nail polish can really wear out your nails. Getting gel nails every two weeks causes the nail plate to get extremely suffocated.

Make sure to allow your nails some downtime in between gel applications as this might cause dryness and eventually breakage. To find out if your nails could benefit from a break from polishes, it’s crucial to have a professional nail technician examine your nails in between applications.

Mistake 4: Not being able to shake your polish

Because each ingredient has a different density, nail polish formulas that are best mixed properly may separate if a cosmetic product is left on the shelf for an extended period of time. Because some chemicals are lighter than others, most larger layers would descend the bottle, leaving the thin layer or material on the bottle’s surface.

Before using, shake the bottle to ensure that the formulation is well combined. This will result in a smooth application with uniform coloration.

Mistake 5: Permitting gel to get in your skin to heal

Another error to avoid when applying gel nail paint is getting gel on the skin around your nails and allowing it to cure. Because you want to apply the gel polish all the way over the nail, this can get a little tricky.

It gets really simple to get nail gel on your skin as you approach closer to the nail’s edges. The polish will cure on your skin if you don’t remove it before curing your nails. This may result in the manicure lifting off of your nails and giving them an uneven appearance.

After the polish has dried on your skin, it becomes quite difficult to remove. To properly remove the polish, you’ll need to apply acetone, which will also remove the polish from your nails. In other words, you’ll either have to start over or get a shoddy manicure.

Wipe away any extra gel from your skin prior to curing to prevent this. Avoiding this error can also be facilitated by practicing the short strokes that were previously described.

Mistake 6: Your gel polish application is excessively prolonged

The temptation to prolong the life of your manicure is strong because gel nail paint can be used for weeks on end without even the smallest chip. The gel nails Singapore experts advise against injuring cuticles and nail beds, nevertheless, by taking off a gel manicure after a maximum of two to three weeks.

Overdoing gel manicures might introduce potentially dangerous bacteria in addition to weakening the nails. It’s crucial to keep in mind that once the gel starts to lift, moisture can seep under it and might potentially promote the growth of bacteria.

5 Useful Tips for Maintaining Gel Nails

Dermatologists advise the following measures to maintain the health of your nails before to, during, and following gel manicures:

·         Instead of using gel polish, think about using regular nail polish. Since acetone is needed to remove gel polish, this is particularly crucial if you frequently have nail issues or are allergic to it.

·         Approach your manicurist with initiative. Inquire about the sterilization of the tools and make sure the person is cleaning and sanitizing them after each customer by taking a check around. Furthermore, avoid having your cuticle pushed or cut by your manicurist as this may cause infection and inflammation.

·         Put on sunscreen. To avoid skin cancer and premature aging of the skin, apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to your hands before having a gel manicure. By doing this, you’ll be able to shield your skin from the UV rays that are utilized to cure gel nail polish. Alternatively, you might use black, opaque gloves and cut off the fingertips before applying nail polish.

·         Final curing: Use a good solution to remove any leftover nail polish residue after this final curing session under the UV lamp.

·         Avoid choosing gel nail paint. Don’t pick at the polish or try to remove it with other nails or tools when the color starts to fade. Instead, schedule a time to get the polish removed by your manicurist.

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Amelia RichLast Seen: Apr 7, 2024 @ 5:12pm 17AprUTC

Amelia Rich


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