Days of love:

Days of love:

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My heart began to love you as a child,

Sensitive, stubborn and possessive,

With its peace in your talks and the songs it heard in them,

Wanted to have you around to enjoy the beautiful days.

Then you were there and It began to love you more and began to find the reason to live in you,

Then you finally knew the need it had of you,

And how the thoughts of your seperation would stifle its vein!;

But still you left, to my chagrin and heart’s heartbreak,

It wailed and wailed but you never heard those wails, 

you were too much in your head,

You were always near it but not with it.

Then the love came of age and wept mature tears,

It fell, from the flow but chose not to tell,

It Couldn’t make sense of the world without the eyes it was used to seeing it through,

Though you left it blind , it still had some feelings to feel your absence.

Bedridden by the hopeless hope you left it with, it wept some final tears,

My head bowed with a stick of reason to support my legs,

 For i had to be an old man to stop chasing the dream ,

but never forgot!


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