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The Oblivious Soul

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Cried hard, with an ignorant sight,

thought the loved ones were trespassers, 

she might.

“Timidly residing inside denialism, she is”, 

they said,

that even fate, led this poor oblivious soul, confined to death.

The healers, as they are so called, 

responded with a gloomy nod,

nothing could have been done, 

atleast not like Mrs.Lucy,

her life would have easily returned.

Dada seemed emotionless, filled with silence.

Resisting himself, restricting from being carried away, performed the role, he was prepared for.

But, Mama, yes she!

The one, poured out the tears of dolor and love,

just as the active steam vents, 

just as those evergreen who have lost their grove.

As for others, it was just an oblivious soul.

I stood aside, hesitated and clueless,

thought would lose her, before I could confess.

By looking at those cute sparkling eyes, I felt her inside myself entirely, 

the eyes that said, this was not the right time to leave.

Not more than a year did we differ by ages,

I still remember the time I was bedridden like you, and you medicined on my broken knee, tying bandages.

Then why now! Did you leave me all alone,

or did I, fail to hear your suffering moan.

For if it’s me, the cause for your misery,

It’s not you, but me, the oblivious soul.

‘Memory loss’, they say, who took you away from me, 

the name itself seems dangerous, but how brave you appear to be.

It reminded me of the very incident of

Mrs. Lucy, 

the puffed, furry cat, who risked for her young ones, 

and fought bravely with ‘Douchebag the Rat’…

The true medicine for your sickness, is none other than your words of gold,

the words that would bring you back from the oblivious soul.

So do not worry, for if you think I won’t be there for you, 

the healer said you would soon get together with the Robinson’s crew.

I pray to the Almighty, to let us stand for each other again,

just as the chirping parakeets, we become a whole, 

to enrich our lost life, the life without an oblivious soul.

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