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Understanding The Basics of REBT: A Beginner’s Guide

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12th January 2024 | 11 Views
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#252525“>The basics of REBT involve recognizing our beliefs (rational and irrational) and how they shape our emotional responses. It includes learning about how to identify these beliefs and change them by actively challenging them.

#252525“>An individual can change their rigid mindset into a flexible mindset and improve their emotional well-being by learning more effective coping strategies for everyday life’s problems.

#252525“>In this article, we’ll gain a basic understanding of REBT and its fundamental principle of developing coping skills for everyday life’s problems.

#252525“>What is REBT?

#252525“>REBT stands for Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. It is a form of psychotherapy and a type of CBT therapy developed by Dr. Albert Ellis in 1955. The main objective of this therapy revolves around identifying and changing our irrational beliefs, which cause our emotional suffering.

#252525“>Have you heard this saying that ‘we are not what happened to us but what we think of them’? Well, it’s true that life is unpredictable and works in mysterious ways. It can throw things at us, whether we’re ready or prepared to face them.

#252525“>But we always have a choice, and it’s totally up to us how we react and respond to events. We feel the way we think, and REBT provides a way out of our emotional pain and suffering. It is our emotional reaction that is causing our suffering, which leads to emotional and behavioral issues and makes our lives miserable.

#252525“>So, by changing our thoughts and rigid attitudes, i.e., beliefs about events, rather than changing the uncontrollable, we can change our emotional reactions and reduce our emotional pain.

#252525“>It’s an ABC model:

#252525“>A -> A stands for Activating Event.

#252525“>This represents that something happens (a stressful event) that may lead to a person being emotionally upset or distressed.

#252525“>B -> B stands for Beliefs.

#252525“>These are the beliefs (i.e., our thoughts and attitudes) categorized into two categories, such as rational and irrational, that a person holds about the event [A] that happened.

#252525“>C  -> C stands for Consequences.

#252525“>This represents the emotional and behavioral consequences as a result of the beliefs that an individual held about the [A], i.e., activating event.

#252525“>Challenging Irrational beliefs

#252525“>REBT plays a crucial role in encouraging individuals to identify their irrational assumptions by recognizing that they have them and then challenging them by replacing them with more rational beliefs. By changing their attitudes, they can shift their behavioral and emotional responses toward events and adopt a more positive outlook on life.

#252525“>Disputing Irrational Beliefs

#252525“>This process refers to the process of questioning the beliefs that you hold about the event, including their evidence and logic. This process aims to help you recognize the unhealthy negative patterns of your thoughts and how they shape your emotional reactions so that you can develop healthier, rational, and flexible attitudes.


#252525“>In conclusion, we can say that REBT is an action-oriented approach that focuses on our healthy emotional responses to events that lead to experiencing healthy negative emotions instead of unhealthy negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, etc. and reduces our emotional pain.


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