Amazon vs Prime video: Difference in 2024

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Amazon is the Parent company of Prime Video or Amazon Prime Video. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 while Amazon Prime Video was Launched by the same on September 7, 2006, (then named ‘Amazon Unbox’) as an extension of the Amazon Business.

Bezos is the owner of both businesses; Amazon is an online store where people can register their businesses and sell goods, while Prime Video is a subscription-based video streaming platform


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Amazon today’s date is a Giant American tech company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online bookstore in his rented garage. In May 1997, Amazon went public. In 1998, it started selling films and music. Later, it expanded internationally by purchasing online book retailers in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Amazon developed consistently and became to be a major player in the tech industry. It stands as a titan in the constantly evolving world of e-commerce, evolving from a small start to a dominant presence in the global market.

The expansion of the company started a wide range of things beyond literature. One of them is Amazon Prime Video. 

Market Penetration

The continuous growth of Amazon has surpassed national borders. Its global presence was established through the clever localization of services and the well-planned construction of fulfilling centers, which enabled smooth market penetration.

They innovate every day for the benefit of their communities, partners, and clients. Their goal is to provide greater value—whether at home or on the go—via an effortless combination of devices and services using ambient intelligence, which utilises artificial intelligence (AI). Their clients still serve as a major source of encouragement, affecting their approach to how they develop and innovate new items.

Evolution of shopping

The introduction of Amazon Prime, with its increased shipping and streaming services, changed the modern customer experience.

Though their business has evolved over the years, one constant for the company is customers’ desire for lower prices, better selection, and convenient services. Today, Amazon shoppers can find what they’re looking for both online and in person. From delivering fresh produce to customers’ doorsteps to creating and distributing movies, music, and more, the company is continually finding new ways to delight its customers.

Customer-Centric Approach

The company’s feedback-driven upgrades and user reviews, represent the customer-centric concept and created unmatched brand loyalty.

Amazon’s ambition to become the Earth’s most customer-centric organisation is made possible by the efforts of their outstanding Customer Service and Operations teams. Whether they begin to operate an Amazon fulfilment centre, in-house developing new technology, or simply making consumers happy by delivering products to them, they work together to create, build, and take responsibility for their actions. This team represents Amazon’s constant commitment to customer pleasure by continuously coming up with ideas, services, and products that improve the lives of millions of consumers.

Pros & Cons

Vast Product Selection: With an unmatched selection of goods, Amazon gives customers a wide range of options for their buying demands.Antitrust Scrutiny: The company has faced scrutiny for its market dominance. It raises concerns about possible antitrust violations and fair competition.
Technological Innovation: From AI-powered suggestions to cloud computing advancements through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon is always investing in modern technology.Privacy Concerns: Due to its extensive customer data collection, Amazon is under scrutiny for its data security and privacy policies.
worldwide Market Footprint:  Amazon has created a presence in multiple nations through its strategic worldwide expansion and by targeting a variety of consumer markets.Risks Connected with Counterfeit Products: Due to the open nature of the marketplace, consumers may be in danger of buying inferior or fake products from unauthorized vendors.
Already Generated trust for sellers: In the online shopping sector, Amazon is already well-known. Many online shoppers are already familiar with and confident in the platform.Excessive commissions: Being an Amazon seller is harder than it looks. Selling on Amazon is followed by several fees.

Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video was Launched on September 7, 2006, as Amazon Unbox. It is a subsidiary of Amazon that is identified as a paid online streaming platform. The service primarily releases films and television series created or licensed by Amazon MGM Studios. It was later renamed Amazon Instant Video on Demand—however, the history of name changes to reach Prime Video is quite long.

September 7, 2006Started as “Amazon Unbox”
September 4, 2008Renamed as “Amazon Video on Demand”
February 22, 2011Rebranded as “Amazon Instant Video”
September 2015Renamed as Amazon Video”

In the meantime, Amazon Prime Video kept growing and signing deals with quality award-winning movies. Another reason for that was to compete with their Rival, Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video plan Cost in India

Plans for Amazon Prime India start at Rs 299 right now.

Monthly1 monthRs 299
Quarterly3 monthsRs 599
Yearly12 monthsRs 1,499


Mobile-only plan for Amazon Prime Video in INDIA

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Places where Amazon Prime Video has an affordable price

Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa, and New Zealand (along with Japan) have the most affordable prices for Amazon Prime Video subscriptions.

The average cost per title for their monthly subscription price is:

CountryCost per Title
Nigeria $0.00034
South Africa $0.00043
New Zealand & Japan$0.00047


Their cost per title is between 129 and 146% less than average.

The top ten nations where Amazon Prime Video is most affordable

CountryPrice (Local)Price USD# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Nigeria2300 NGN3.001,2167,7198,9350.00034
Philippines149 PHP2.631,0055,2056,2100.00042
South Africa79 ZAR4.091,3348,1199,4530.00043
Japan600 JPY4.033,0065,6028,6080.00047
New Zealand8 NZD4.741,7168,32210,0380.00047
Argentina1149 ARS3.281,0665,3486,4140.00051
Paraguay24900 PYG3.42106253196,3810.00054
Brazil14.9 BRL2.898614,2165,0770.00057
Egypt29 EGP0.944671,1381,6050.00059
Australia9.99 AUD6.321,8317,9939,8240.00064

Top ten nations where Amazon Prime Video is least affordable

CountryPrice (Local)Price USD# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Latvia5.99 EUR6.293904408300.00758
Greece5.99 EUR6.294004568560.00735
Estonia5.99 EUR6.293955069010.00698
Lithuania5.99 EUR6.293995349330.00675
Slovenia5.99 EUR6.294105779870.00638
Slovakia5.99 EUR6.294185861,0040.00627
Croatia5.99 EUR6.294165921,0080.00624
Bulgaria5.99 EUR6.294145951,0090.00624
Albania5.99 EUR6.294648711,3350.00471
Bosnia and Herzegovina5.99 EUR6.294628941,3560.00464

Customers can also subscribe to extra video subscription services from other content providers within Prime Video through the content add-on service offered by Prime Video through channels called Amazon Channels or Prime Video Channels.

Video quality

Depending on the device, Amazon provides up to 4K (UHD) and high-dynamic-range (HDR) streaming. 

Content Library and Original Productions

Prime Video has made a name for itself in the streaming market by offering a huge library of video, including licensed content and critically acclaimed original productions.

Global Growth

The strategic international growth of Amazon Prime Video has crossed all the possible cultural barriers. 

Pros & Cons

Vast Content Library: Prime Video has a large and varied library, which includes exclusive original productions from almost all over the globeLimited New Releases: While Prime Video offers a rich library, access to some of the latest releases may be limited due to competition with other platforms.
Original Productions: Collection of great original television programs and films.Subscription Cost: While competitive, the subscription fee could discourage budget-conscious viewers, particularly when compared to ad-supported channels.
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Prime Video is available on various platforms, including smart TVs and smartphones, providing viewers flexibility.Content Geo-Availability:  Not all content is accessible for all geolocations. Some of the content is not available to watch for all over the world.
Updated Video Quality: Prime Video offers up-to-date streaming technologies like as 4K Ultra HD and HDR, providing a viewing experience that is full of life.

Limited Video Downloads:  The maximum offline video download limit is 25. That means customers are limited to downloading a maximum of 25 titles at a time.



Now! 26

Business SphereE-commerce and diversified servicesDigital streaming platform
Founding Year19952006
Parent,, Inc.
Global PresenceExtensive, operates in numerous countriesGlobal outreach with content localization
Technological InnovationAdvanced algorithms, AWS dominance4K UHD, HDR streaming, cutting-edge technology
Content LibraryDiverse product range and servicesVast library with original productions
Subscription ModelAmazon Prime membership for additional perksStandalone subscription for exclusive content
User InterfaceUser-friendly with one-click purchasingIntuitive design with potential complexity
Delivery ServicesEfficient and expedited, especially for Prime membersN/A (digital content delivery)
Additional BenefitsPrime Video access, exclusive deals for membersBundled benefits with Amazon Prime membership
Challenges and ConcernsAntitrust scrutiny, labor practices criticismLimited new releases, interface complexity
Market InfluenceMarket dominance in e-commerce and cloud computingImpactful in the digital streaming industry
User Reviews and RatingsUtilizes customer reviews and ratings for informed decisionsUser feedback contributes to content quality
Dependency FactorsReliance on third-party sellers, potential challenges for small businessesDependent on content partnerships and viewer subscriptions
Privacy and Data SecurityScrutiny over privacy practices and data securityPrivacy concerns related to data collection and usage
Monetization ModelRevenue from product sales, AWS services, and subscription feesSubscription fees, digital content sales, and advertising
Overall Impact on IndustriesReshaped e-commerce, cloud computing, and retailInfluenced the streaming and entertainment landscape

Amazon and Prime Video are two enormous companies that rule their domains in the digital world. 

Founded in 1994, Amazon is a massive online retailer that has grown to become a global marketplace with an unmatched selection of goods and services. Because of its extensive and varied product range and effective delivery services, the platform has established itself as the gold standard for online shopping. However, because of the complexity of its market domination, it faces difficulties like antitrust investigation, labor practice concerns, and environmental effects.

Since its launch in 2006, Amazon’s subsidiary Prime Video has carved out a place for itself as a digital streaming service. Its vast content catalog and internationally praised original productions, such as “The Magnificent Mrs. Maisel” and “The Boys,” stand it out. With 4K Ultra HD and HDR streaming among its technological skills, it stands out in the competitive streaming market. However, Prime Video has issues with its sometimes complicated UI and its small number of new releases. Despite these difficulties, its influence on the entertainment industry can be seen by its widespread reach and recognition for unique projects.

These two businesses differ in terms of their advantages and disadvantages. Prime Video’s global accessibility and superior cinematic quality reflect Amazon’s leadership in e-commerce and technology innovation. With their advantages and disadvantages, both entities will have a significant impact on how we shop and consume entertainment in the rapidly changing digital environment. Both groups will have a significant impact on how we shop and enjoy entertainment in the constantly evolving digital world. 


Leading companies in their respective industries, Amazon and Prime Video are influencing worldwide shopping and leisure habits. Their success in streaming and e-commerce shows their impact on the evolving digital environment and how we consume media. These organizations play an important role in influencing how our digital experiences will develop in the future.


Q: What is the difference between Amazon Prime and Prime Video?

A: Amazon is the parent company of Amazon Prime Video. Jeff Bezos launched Amazon Prime Video (formerly known as “Amazon Unbox”) on September 7, 2006, as an addition to Amazon Business. Bezos created Amazon in 1995.

Q: Is Amazon and Prime Video the same company?


Q: Is Amazon Prime and Prime Video different charges?

A: No Both names are of the same company. The Full name is “Amazon Prime Video”

Q: Why am I paying for Prime Video and Amazon Prime?

A: This is the charge levied by Amazon company to for providing you the service of entertainment by giving you options to watch your favorite shows sitting at home.

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