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All the thoughts can be withstood,

but not the thought of you with someone else,

wherever you are,

i won’t be there to trouble your innocent eyes,

but, I’m sorry, I have to be,

to bear the torture,

as the thorny roses seem to be

 the only food left for me to survive.

I had made enough of my castles,

you opened your mouth,

all shattered and fell to the ground.

a single word of “never”,

will be able to break the thread of all of my dreams,

 never thought.

I can’t force myself on the thread of your dreams,

but you have been a strong knot

on mine,all along,

that i can’t untangle, neither would i ever try.

come now,

no go,

no…I don’t know, what I want,

and what will be a relief?

I’m not the one to capitulate,

but “love” seems too weak to win through this “never”,

shall i give up?

I had put in my utmost love ,for you ,more than for me,

i had defended you from all the future worries, already,

had escorted you everywhere,

everywhere my mind could reach

had known every inch of my mind,not alone, with you.

I’m still traveling,but my legs are cut off,by no one,

but you.

What are the wings for,

when the will to take the flight is wanting;

you have been my courage,taken away.

Have no route to know the world

and life ahead,

all is known,

soothing, suffocating

With a will to live my life,

with a will to die;

I have lost my will,

not life,

maybe “never” isn’t strong enough,

something more, something suffocating,

something more chocking,

enough to take this breath too,

for my love still hates you not!


thank you!

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