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What Is the Most Trendy Wedding Cake Design These Days?

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For this year wedding cakes, the term BIGGER = better is what describes it all!

Wedding cakes have been resurfacing after being overshadowed by dessert displays and other unusual dessert options in recent years.

But statement cakes that are still traditionally lovely will undoubtedly be in style in this year, given the number of recent celebrity weddings that featured stunning, multi-tiered wedding cakes.

Trendiest Wedding Cakes These Days

We all adore cake—that sweet, frosted, melt-in-your-mouth treat that is almost too gorgeous to eat—but we are powerless to change the past or, well, the entire planet. Instead, cake is our superpower for making things just a little bit better.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular wedding cake trends for this year, whether you’re finally organizing your wedding reception to commemorate your elopement or it’s time for your big wedding!

1.      Drip Cakes

One of the newest and most popular wedding cake ideas is definitely drip designs. You can use any foundation style—naked, semi-naked, celestial, floral, or otherwise—and add a drip to the top to improve the appearance.

 If your cake will be mostly monochrome, this is a terrific way to include your color scheme into the design.

2.      Grandeur Cakes

Maximalism is still popular today. I predict that elaborate wedding cakes with striking heights and details will be one way this is portrayed.

Though it ultimately comes down to personal preference, I think this is a lovely way for couples to create a joyous moment with their wedding guests and to integrate aspects from their décor or theme.

Consider going beyond three levels and going all out with your design to create a truly unforgettable moment during your cake cutting.

3.      Heart-Shaped Cakes

We’re totally obsessed with the cute wedding cake trend, which you may have already noticed trending on your social media feeds. If you have an affinity for maximalist design, you will adore the quirky flourishes and extravagant embellishments that characterize heart-shaped wedding cakes.

Bright red cherries are a common finishing touch for Lambeth-inspired cakes, which are typically frosted in pastel hues like pink, purple, yellow, green, or blue to complete their antique appearance. Are you unsure whether to try this trend on the day of your wedding? At rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and engagement parties, heart-shaped cakes are equally adorable.

4.      Metallic Cakes

Use a rose gold, silver, or gold metallic design to make your wedding cake sparkle! You can go all out and order a confection that shimmers from top to bottom, or you can use toppers, brush strokes, dragées, gold leaf, or other glossy images to highlight the confection.

You can wear it with any of the other fashionable looks on this list if you’re feeling very daring.

5.      Pressed Floral Cakes

It’s no secret that using lovely, natural flowers on wedding cakes and other sweets has become popular in recent years. In coming year, this trend is not going away. The trend of earthy components is here to stay.

Using pressed flowers and foliage is ideal for couples going for a natural or bohemian vibe. This leads to our next wedding or 21st birthday cake design.

21 Wedding Cake

6.      Boho Cake Design

The boho cake design, also known as the boho chic design, is the newest style that we are completely in love with. For this wedding seasons, a natural, eclectic boho wedding theme is becoming more and more popular, and we are here for it!

We can’t resist the inclusion of gold flakes in these cakes. In addition, the entire design has a vintage, woodsy vibe and is filled with neutral hue florals. Consider the images you have seen since color photography first gained popularity.

Are you thinking of your most carefree, outdoorsy, fashionable, hip grandparents with stunning wedding portraits? Perfect. They were unknowingly setting trends when they did so.

7.      Dark and Melodramatic Cake

Not everyone likes the classic all-white wedding cake design! If you’re not one to follow the crowd, go for a dramatic and gloomy design.

Your tiers will truly stand out if you add some food coloring in the shades of black, maroon, navy, or forest green.

P.S. This complements almost any style, including ornate, ultra-patterned, minimalist, and anything in between.

8.      Bows and Ribbons

In addition to being popular in wedding gowns and hair accessories, delicate bows will also be seen on wedding cakes in 2024. Wedding cakes from the early aughts are the inspiration for this style, and the modern take effortlessly combines the coquette and balletcore aesthetics.

You may anticipate seeing bows on cakes in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as real ribbons or sugar bows created from meringue, fondant, or hand-piped icing. If you like classic, subtle touches, try this lovely idea as you won’t need to add many, if any, further frills to your cake.

9.      Ikebana-Inspired Cakes


Do you want to add a quirky touch to your wedding cake with flowers? Select a dessert with ikebana inspiration. Longer stemmed flowers are mixed in with a confection to create the illusion that they are sprouting from the batter in this current look.

I make wedding cakes, and each one is different and special. I believe that my cakes’ somewhat erratic, disorganized, and whimsical appearance has appealed to those who have previously placed orders with me.

A rustic cake that appears homemade and brings back memories of one’s childhood has always appealed to me.

Wrap Up

Here are our top picks for original designs for wedding cakes. If you’re searching for an amazing, one-of-a-kind wedding cake for your special day, whether it’s something described above or an entirely different design idea, you can find it at Tings Bakery.



Amelia RichLast Seen: Apr 7, 2024 @ 5:12pm 17AprUTC

Amelia Rich


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