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The Hallucinating Well

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The mystery of the Hallucinating Well

in the city of Seven Devils is quite renowned,

although the reason behind the several demises are still unknown.

Some say it is indeed the curse of

 the undead widow who was urged to fall into the Hallucinating Well,

after the execution of her beloved other half, 

Brian ‘O’ Cambell.

It is said by some, that 

the tale is more or less real,

and became the reason behind abandoning

the deadly well, giving it an official seal.

But, the story did not end, neither did the vengeance of the undead widow,

keeping an eye over the youth men 

of the town of the Seven Devils

she peeked over each one of them with her 

black look through her winning window.

She hunted on every youth as her prey,

and attracted them towards the well of death

before anyone could come up with a word or possibly say.

Making them view down through the blood-soaked water,

she made them see what they loved the most

for some it was their mother, while for some it was their daughter.

And then, this happened,

each began to dive into the Hallucinating Well 

getting themselves lose their mind,

they lost their lives for the sake of ones they cared for, which made them blind.

It is not over yet, 

for all those who pass by the well of death

if you can, I dare you, I thereby bet.

If you prefer not saying your loved ones goodbye

or biding them farewell,

better not summon yourself to 

the Hallucinating Well.

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