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GHETTO volume one

7th January 2024 | 18 Views

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                                             These words of life that are delivered. From a mind so bright brighter than a lime green Valore sweat suit. brighter than cop’s light on cold night. The people want yellow I got off white. Dam This going to long night. Your Tims and your limps are frozen.  hoping for one or two more licks so I can dip. couldn’t spend shit had to go back in on the flip. Hot pocket and chips and a dream to get rich. Monkey can’t sale a banana /curiosity killed the cat/ In other words don’t smoke crack you heard what Whitney said that shit is Wack. She was prom queen, and he was prom king now they just hood Fiens. The pipe is where they stored their dreams.  

  #tupac #lil Durk # Dream chasers ‘ #Nas # Love in hip-hop


luster miller




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