7 Best Ways To Make Money By Writing Articles In India [2022]

7 BEST Ways To Make Money By Writing Articles in India [2022]

Writing can be a promising profession if you want to earn money in India. You can easily make money by writing articles in India (online). The best platforms provide plenty of monetization tools to start earning from Day 1. 

You must be very careful while choosing the right platform for creating content. Also, regardless of what you do, you would need to be consistent and hard-working to start earning a regular income.

Some of India’s best ways to earn money can help beginners start making from Day 1. However, the income would be less, so you would have to work a couple of weeks before you build a consistent cash flow.

Make Money By Writing Articles in India

NameJoining CostEase of WritingEarning PotentialLink
MilyinFreeVery GoodVery HighLearn More
MediumFreeVery GoodHighLearn More
Ghost.org$29 per monthGoodVery HighLearn More
Write.asFreeVery GoodModerateLearn More
QuoraFreeVery GoodModerateLearn More
Wander LustFreeGoodHighLearn More
Writers LabFreeModerateVery HighLearn More

1) Milyin – The most Balanced Content Creation Platform

Milyin is one of the best places to make money by writing articles. This platform is free-to-join and can be used by anyone to follow their passion for writing. You would earn through advertisements that are shown in your content. It supports effortless withdrawals as many times as you want in a month.

You can naturally engage with other writers and become better. Its advanced writing tools let you write content, add images, tables, and lists, embed tweets/videos, and more. With Milyin, you can write on any topic of your choice without any restrictions. With robust creation tools, a simple sign-up process, and proper monetization tools, and robust guidance, Milyin is an ideal place to make money by writing articles in India.

Straightforward Signup and setup processNo mobile app for Android or iOS
Low minimum withdrawal income threshold of $1 
Monetization tools allow you to increase or decrease ads to meet your earning goals 

Key Stats

Joining Cost: Free

Ease of Writing: Very Good

Earning Potential: Very High

Link: https://milyin.com/

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2) Medium – Best for Collaborating with Top Article Writers

Medium is a platform well known for it’s wide range of content and it’s wide range of content. Some of the most popular celebrities and creators use Medium to publish article. If you want to make money by writing articles in India, then you should definitely try Medium. 

You would earn based on the number of readers visiting and spending time on your articles. It’s an ideal place to discover new writers, learn new things, etc. Medium has an intuitive editor that has all the functions and features you would need to product quality articles.

The Creator Hub provides resourced to learn and helps you become a better writerTakes a lot of time to build audience and steady income
Helps build an audience and popularity that can be effectively monetized in many ways 
It handles all the SEO, security, and performance requirements, letting you focus on writing articles 

Key Stats

Joining Cost: Free

Ease of Writing: Very Good

Earning Potential: High

Link: https://medium.com/

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3) Ghost.org – Best for Starting Your Own Blog

Ghost is a platform for building blogs, websites or e-commerce stores. With Ghost, you can setup an utterly independent blog that serves your audience and gives you far greater freedom then any other platform could ever provide. With Ghost’s robust tools, pre-built templates, themes, and various other tools, you can configure an utterly independent blog.

Sure, it would take relatively more time to become profitable, but once you start getting recognized, you would have exponential growth. It gives you the ability to make money by writing articles in India, and once you become famous you can launch other revenue streams like merchandise, sponsored content, collaborations, etc. 

Highest customizability and complete control over your contentNo free plan available
Easily scale up your article writing gig into something bigger 
Widest range of monetization options, including ads, affiliate marketing, etc. 

Key Stats

Joining Cost: $29 per month

Ease of Writing: Good

Earning Potential: Very High

Link: https://ghost.org

4) Write.as – Best for sharing your own thoughts

Write.as is a platform that supports independent ideas and helps people spread their unique thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. With Write.as you can earn money by writing articles about your perspective. Unlike other platforms, you are completely free and do not need to be influenced by any external factors for writing your content.

Write.as provides a simple, straight user interface and a simple sign-up process that allows you to get onto writing in almost no time.

The modern, minimalistic design allows for effortless content productionWeak monetization strategy
Great for beginners who want to practice writing and improve their vocabulary 
Really useful for reading about the experiences of other people 

Key Stats

Joining Cost: Free

Ease of Writing: Very Good

Earning Potential: Moderate

Link: https://write.as/

5) Quora – Best for Earning Money by writing answers

Quora is a popular social platform best known for its question-and-answer format interactions. Previously, Quora did not provide any ways to earn money by writing articles. However, with Quora Plus, you can create your own spaces, post content you like, and then monetize it for people to read. Some of your articles/answers would be public so people can discover your content. At the same time, other answers/articles are only accessible to Quora+ users.

Whenever someone views your Quora+ answers, you’d earn a small fraction of their monthly subscription fee. It is that simple. A lot of freedom, little to no hurdles, and straightforward writing. Chances are you already have a Quora account that you use for reading answers or writing answers yourself.

One of the most established brands in the writing spaceVery high-income withdrawal threshold of $10
Easily build an audience and gain popularity 
Interact with other readers and writers in comments and spaces to improve your skills 

Key Stats

Joining Cost: Free

Ease of Writing: Very Good

Earning Potential: Moderate

Link: https://quora.com

6) Wander Lust – Best for Travel Writing

This is one of the best places to write about anything related to travel whether you enjoy going someplace for pleasure, business, or any other purpose. All of the content on Wander Lust is connected to travel. This website is ideal for creating high-quality travel material and taking pleasure in your travels and adventures. In essence, you would be compensated for writing about your travel experiences.

This is one of the sites with the biggest payouts, with 220 Euros being paid for each accepted job. One of the highest calibre and professional writing groups. They only publish a small number of content releases each year, yet they can nonetheless maintain a significant presence worldwide.

One of the most reputed travel-related blogs in EuropeMeagre chances of content being shortlisted for publishing
Lets you choose the topic of your choice 
Even first-time writers can get their content published if written with professional, careful writing 

Key Stats

Earning Potential: Moderate

Ease of Writing: high

Joining Cost: Free

Link: https://www.wanderlust.co.uk/about-us/writers


7) Writers Lab – Best for Freelance Article Writing

Writers Lab is a platform that invites the best of the best writers to come and create content for some of the most demanding clients. Its joining process isn’t easy. involving proper document verification, grammar test, trial assignment test, citation test, and more. They take quite some time to review your application and thereafter send you the offer to start writing.

You get to choose the assignments of your choice and work at your pace with complete freedom. They have predefined rates for assignments based on various parameters. You can select and take up a job that suits you the most.

Different prices and deadlines based on your experience and command over languageOld and hard to navigate user interface
Ensures consistent writing work for you whenever you want 
Useful tools to help you make money by writing articles in India 

Key Stats

Joining Cost: Free

Ease of Writing: Moderate

Earning Potential: Very High

Link: https://writerslabs.com/

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