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What is RusticoTV?

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  • RusticoTV is a new online TV streaming service that offers live TV and on-demand content
  • It provides access to over 150+ channels including sports, news, movies, shows, cartoons, documentaries and more
  • RusticoTV has both free and paid subscription plans available with different channel packages
  • The service is available on many devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs etc through the RusticoTV app and website
  • Some key features are unlimited DVR storage, simultaneous streaming on 3 devices, parental controls etc
  • RusticoTV uses cloud DVR technology to record and store shows to watch later
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What is RusticoTV and how does it work?

RusticoTV is a relatively new live TV streaming service that gives users access to live channels and on-demand content over the internet. It offers over 150+ live channels including popular networks like sports, news, entertainment, kids, lifestyle etc.

The concept is similar to cable or satellite TV. But instead of getting the channels through a cable box, RusticoTV streams them directly over the internet to your devices.

Some of the ways RusticoTV works:

  • It provides subscribers access to live streams of channels like ESPN, CNN, HGTV, Cartoon Network, FOX etc. This allows you to watch the content live as it airs.
  • It has tens of thousands of on-demand movies, shows, documentaries etc that you can access anytime. This content can be browsed or searched through the RusticoTV app or website.
  • The service uses cloud DVR technology to record live TV that users can watch later. You can record multiple shows simultaneously without any storage limits.
  • RusticoTV works on various devices and platforms like smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, media players etc. It offers apps for iOS, Android, FireTV, Roku etc.
  • Multiple users can stream on different devices simultaneously. Most plans allow 2-3 simultaneous streams.

Overall, RusticoTV provides an experience similar to traditional pay TV but delivered seamlessly over the internet. The on-demand library and cloud DVR expand the functionality beyond just live TV streaming.

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RusticoTV Channel List and Packages

RusticoTV provides access to over 150+ live TV channels covering a wide variety of content including:

  • Sports channels like ESPN, FS1, NFL Network, NBA TV etc to watch games and highlights.
  • News channels like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC World News to stay updated.
  • Entertainment channels like TNT, TBS, AMC, HGTV, Discovery for movies, shows, reality programs.
  • Kids and Cartoon channels like Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network. Great for children.
  • Lifestyle channels like Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel for foodies, home and travel content.

The exact channel list varies based on the package subscribed. RusticoTV offers multiple packages with different pricing:

  • The Basic package has 100+ channels and costs $25/month. It covers mainstream entertainment, news, and kids content.
  • The Premium package has 150+ channels including sports and lifestyle channels, for $45/month. It has the maximum number of channels.
  • The Sports Extra add-on can be added to Premium for $15/month more. It adds sports channels like NFL RedZone, Outdoor Channel, MLB Network etc.

There are also regional sports network options and premium channels like HBO Max that can be added for additional fees.

Overall the channel packages are designed to provide choice and flexibility to users. The plans can be changed or cancelled monthly.

How to Sign Up for RusticoTV

Signing up for RusticoTV is quick and straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Go to the RusticoTV website and click “Start Watching” or “Sign Up”.
  • Select your desired package – Basic or Premium. Also add any extra channels or premium networks.
  • Provide account details like email address, zip code and create a password.
  • Provide payment information. RusticoTV accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Select your devices to stream on like mobile phone, tablet, computer etc. Download the RusticoTV app.
  • Start watching! Access and stream all your live channels and on-demand content.

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. You can cancel or change plans anytime on the website. RusticoTV is currently available only in the United States. It has plans to expand to other countries in the future.

The service currently offers a 7-day free trial for new users to demo the platform. So you can test it risk-free before subscribing.

Supported Devices and Platforms

A major benefit of RusticoTV is the wide device support. Since it streams over the internet, you can access it on multiple screens and platforms:

  • Smartphones and Tablets – iOS, Android, Fire tablets. Download the app.
  • Computers – Windows and Mac. Watch on the browser.
  • Smart TVs – Apps available for Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony smart TVs. Airplay enabled.
  • Streaming devices – Apple TV, Roku, FireTV all supported with dedicated apps. Cast via Chromecast.
  • Gaming consoles – Apps available for PS4, Xbox One.

With most mainstream internet-connected devices supported, it provides complete flexibility to watch RusticoTV anywhere at home and on-the-go. The service is accessible when traveling also.

Up to three devices can stream simultaneously on the same account for most plans. This allows different family members to watch different channels.

RusticoTV Features and User Experience

RusticoTV comes packed with many features that enhance the overall user experience of live TV streaming:

Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage

A highlight is the unlimited Cloud DVR feature to record live TV shows and watch them later.

  • Recordings are stored in the cloud instead of a local storage device. This removes limits on the amount stored.
  • Users can record multiple shows simultaneously even if they overlap. Useful during busy nights.
  • Most recordings are stored for up to 9 months. This varies by channel.
  • Scheduling recordings is easy from the guide or show pages. Manage all recordings from one place.

Simultaneous Streams on Multiple Devices

Accounts allow 2-3 simultaneous streams depending on the plan. This allows different users to watch different channels and shows from one subscription.

The family can enjoy custom programs in separate rooms without interruptions. Streaming is possible even outside home when traveling.

Parental Controls

Parents can filter content and restrict viewing of certain channels/shows based on mature ratings. Useful to limit viewing for kids.

A PIN can be set to prevent changing parental controls settings. Additional user profiles can also be created for each family member.

No Long-Term Contracts

RusticoTV does not require customers to sign any long term contract. Plans are month-to-month and can be changed or cancelled online anytime.

This provides flexibility to adjust subscription as needed without penalties. Temporary suspend option also available.

Compatible with Other Services

RusticoTV allows integrating with select streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu etc. This allows surfacing their content in RusticoTV apps for easier discovery.

For example – Netflix shows can be recommended to you within RusticoTV based on your preferences. User experience is enhanced.

RusticoTV Cost and Pricing Plans

RusticoTV offers flexibility with multiple packages and add-ons. Here are the current pricing options:

Basic$25/month100+ channels
Premium$45/month150+ channels
Sports Extra$15/monthAdd-on with 10+ sports channels
Regional Sports$10/monthLocal regional sports networks
Premium Channels$5-15/monthHBO, Showtime, Cinemax etc

Additional fees include:

  • Broadcast TV fee: $15/month to cover local channels
  • DVR Service: $10/month for Cloud DVR access and storage
  • Extra Streams: $5/month per extra stream after 3 streams

There are regular promotional discounts available like 25% off for 3 months.

While not the cheapest, RusticoTV provides a competitively priced live TV streaming option compared to alternatives. There are no contracts so you can customize package as needed.

How RusticoTV Compares with Other Streaming Services

Live TV streaming is a growing segment with multiple services. Here is how RusticoTV compares with some competitors:

YouTube TV

  • Offers 80+ channels for $65/month. More sports and news channels. Limited DVR.
  • Works best with YouTube ecosystem. Available on more platforms.
  • RusticoTV has more entertainment channels and unlimited DVR. But fewer local channels.

Hulu + Live TV

  • Provides 60+ channels with Hulu on-demand for $70/month.
  • Good mix of sports, news and entertainment. 50 hour DVR.
  • RusticoTV has more channels and unlimited DVR but no on-demand library like Hulu.

Sling TV

  • Start at $35/month for 30+ channels. Separate packages available.
  • Lower priced with add-ons available. Interface not as good.
  • RusticoTV costs more but offers a better all-around experience.


  • Popular sports-focused service with 100+ channels.
  • Runs $65/month. Excellent sports coverage including niche sports.
  • RusticoTV has more entertainment, news channels. FuboTV better for sports fans.

RusticoTV manages to differentiate with unlimited DVR, broad channel lineup and competitive pricing. It lacks local channel coverage which some competitors excel at. But provides a balanced set of news, sports and entertainment in a fairly affordable package.

Pros and Cons of RusticoTV

Here are some key pros of using RusticoTV:

  • Wide channel selection with 150+ options covering essential networks
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR storage to record any shows to watch later
  • Simultaneous streams on different devices with no interference
  • No long-term contracts, change plans or cancel anytime
  • Parental controls and multiple user profiles to restrict kids viewing

And some potential cons to note:

  • Still a relatively new service compared to competitors
  • Fewer local channel options and regional sports coverage
  • 4K streaming is limited to select programs and devices
  • Lacks online network like Hulu on-demand library
  • Can get expensive when adding multiple extras


RusticoTV provides a promising new option for cord-cutters looking to stream live TV over the internet. With 150+ channels, unlimited Cloud DVR, and support across devices, it covers most common needs.

The service offers competitive pricing and flexibility compared to alternatives. While local channel coverage is limited, RusticoTV excels at delivering a wide selection of national news, sports and entertainment networks.

Since no contracts are required, RusticoTV is easy to try out and cancel if not satisfied. But the extensive channel lineup and features like unlimited DVR make it a compelling live TV streaming solution.

It will be interesting to see how RusticoTV evolves in the coming months and years with additions like more 4K programming, regional sports, and newer features. But even in its current form, RusticoTV is worth considering for those wanting an alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV.

Douglas RozekLast Seen: Jan 9, 2024 @ 8:39am 8JanUTC

Douglas Rozek



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