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Ali AssadLast Seen: Apr 22, 2024 @ 9:41am 9AprUTC
Ali Assad

1st January 2024 | 2 Views

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Without a doubt, and yet the greatest doubt of all, despair gives way to anguish, a never ending pain, all that is left is to struggle, and search for an answer, hope, such an emotion, it is what can keep alive every thought and every goal and every fiber of being throughout the depth of even the darkest despair.

Nothing more than a thought glimpsing through a veil of pain and agony, twisted in the form of lies and attacks, nothing seems to make a difference, nothing seems to change, although a glimmer of hope, all i have left is drowning in the most horrendous way, losing touch with reality.

There is nothing which could not explain, and nothing to be explained other than the futility which is more beneficial than harmful, such is paranoia, and the thought of this is definitely dangerous, yet the understanding of this point throughout is well…

Self invoked desperation, as to raise level of understanding, is to pry the enemies mind, to understand battle tactics, it is the invoking of thought, there is nothing like psychological warfare, especially for the mind, because the mind is a constant war between conscious, and unconscious choices, it is thus that every word has its way…

So remember when in doubt, seek throughout, what may at terms be, everything which thee may deem, live your dreams and find inner peace, nothing more fearsome than a silent storm, and the mind is the thoughts which you adorn….

Lest all throughout find the doubt, and settle in hope through despair the route….

Ali AssadLast Seen: Apr 22, 2024 @ 9:41am 9AprUTC

Ali Assad



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