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semblance of sorrow

Ali AssadLast Seen: Apr 11, 2024 @ 11:35pm 23AprUTC
Ali Assad

1st January 2024 | 2 Views
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If at all wondering, I seem to sense with my heart, a smile which does with it bring, a feeling I have never felt before, a joy which indescribable is molten with sorrow, a smile which never fades, a heart which holds such love, this sorrow is to me, a friend unforgotten, a love never forsaken, and a faith never abandoned,….

It is as such that I cannot describe this wave of emotion, it is so solid, like stone, moving like a sparrows song, through the world around me, I know that I am part of this equation, and I hold true to my sorrow, the sorrow which does not fade in my heart, the sorrow that gives me hope for a new tomorrow, the sorrow of love’s sacrifice…

Love should have been the answer, the love which forever true should not be forsaken, it is with such great pain that I describe this love, the pangs of which speak volumes, of sorrow, it is the echoes of that which never forgotten, a suffering, a wound, like me, I am as well wounded, so I with all my love, will defend this love which know no bounds

It is true that hatred and love are inseparable, once spoken to me by my dreams, now I think back, could hatred ever be enough to avenge such sorrow, could pain be an answer enough to justify such suffering, could love not only be the victor, but the weapon in this cold war of dismay and falseness…

It is not enough to trust, it is the meaning of trust worthiness, to act upon, as well as to protect the trust and hold true to love, that is what it means to trust, yet it is inescapable, the effort of love to ensue in its tracks doubt and worry, yet worry not, and fear not, for through all emotion, there is nothing which can escape the grasp of love’s hold, and nothing which does not falter in the face of love, it is what builds the truth, we live upon today, and we will stand and be united against a common enemy…

Such is love’s word overpowering to the senses, unforgiving to the heart, a merciless beauty of truth and dignity, a word which describes this actuality, miracle, so on this day I will uphold the love in my heart, and that is what is the hatred which embodies my truth…

I want you to think of such love, think of love, think of truth, and be a heart which knows no boundaries, no limits, and no failure, in the sense of your own being, be great, and do not fear, or be fear, because love is not something that will depart from the heart, the heart is not something that will deny love, and truth can never be falsified by wit or intellect…

As instinct can drive growth, so can growth drive instinct, and there is nothing which in this world will deprive, sanity and the smile of which love’s sorrow was alive……

 Love should not have to sacrifice its wit, nor should wit sacrifice its love, it is truth which drives all consequence and that is the meaning of being…

There is nothing which can hold back a determined soul from dreaming, and seeking dreams..

Nothing can stop love, that is all for now



Ali AssadLast Seen: Apr 11, 2024 @ 11:35pm 23AprUTC

Ali Assad



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