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Ali AssadLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 12:04pm 12AprUTC
Ali Assad

1st January 2024 | 1 Views

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The last thought of sanity, a dream most elusive, a wish most hopeful, a word much spoken, the thinking mind, does crave its sanity, in sleep dreams remembered and dreams forgotten, still throughout the day, the longing for the dream,… day dreams, and waking thoughts, the realm of imagination,…

It is most feasible, that dreams do not only constitute our daily moments, and our sleeping moments, but our thoughts and actions, due to the fact that our minds hunger for thought, heavy dreams, feelings, and wishes, engraved in the mind throughout, hoping for a new tomorrow,..

It is these dreams that we build upon, that we strive for, that give meaning to life, it is not only relevant to conclude that thoughts are made of dreams, but that out entire perception is made up of dreams, lest reality be our understanding, still only a dream, so we act according to thus…

If dreams are the only form of existence, then the mind is the psychic entity which builds reality, we are only a gathering of minds at thus, all trying to live out one dream or another, and is really mind over matter, or does matter be just a dream imposing a reality which some may accept or as such, what is acceptable…

We are not bound by a mind superior to ours to a certain reality, our minds and thoughts, they compose our every action, and thus our understanding, of interaction with the world around us, thus psychic behavior, and requisance….

This is true when meeting others, and this is true when being, and may all dreams shine in the glimmer of hope, it is the mind that builds our world, and thus we act, not conforming, but building and realizing our realities, and thus wishes do come true, even if just in dreams, for now, till the solution is finalized, we are in control of our own thoughts, and actions, and thus we can dream our own reality, this is how we build our future…..

Ali AssadLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 12:04pm 12AprUTC

Ali Assad



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