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A woman with much to say, and saying so much, with a beauty that is unapparelled in all the world, her temper like fire, her anger like ice, she sings songs like the sirens of the north, speaks in riddles which none could understand, her hair like thorns, graceful to behold, the rose of the winter which in our hearts grows….

She spoke to me once, and in love I fell, through all which is, I would be under her spell,… sweet temperance, which doth all compel, not only beauty, but reverence as well, a woman which I wish I could forever in my heart hold, she is beauty, and grace to behold….

Sing to me princess of hearts, of words that which doth all not doubt, of truth, and show me that which the way, of thy passions, to which no dismay,… my heart is yorn broken, and I am saddened throughout, that even though I love, I am not loved

Left without your touch, your words, I am but a feeble, broken down man, who looks to your eyes, hoping for a smile, your love it left me burning, like ice frozen, and I could never love again, if your love is not my vice and my sin…….


Ali Assad



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