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As the frost covers the soul, there is no more to think of other than the words of which I constantly remind myself of, all the time, the words which will give my mind most comfort, and do as such, I will make it though this, there is something I can do, perseverance and dignity, through the extreme of conditions, yet who would have thought that the world can be so cold, such words I cannot explain clearly, yet I will, it is that which completes the cycle of life, and fears not the other world, it is that the soul, which does not fear its own actions, and acts to the heights of its life, yet there is something which cannot describe the knowledge which comes with this cold feeling..

As if ice, the soul whispers of being, seeing all for truth and nothing else, the soul is the breath of life, the homage of death, the gate keeper, the most forgiving, and the most vengeful, it is self, myself, and it is as cold as my warm heart, as my ice cold heart, it is this that which I do not forgive, I do not, the hatred directed at me is unimaginable, and why?

The cause of hatred, my being, my cause, and my determination, it is not anguish at this point, no not anymore, I wish to explain, that words which cannot describe, the words which can, and at all do not fret, the story has just begun…..

My soul it wanders within me, and I wander the world freely as a spirit, still alive I know, yet so cold,…. Like a winter’s day keep your soul strong and you will not fear anything any longer this is my bit of advice, have faith, and believe….. and keep your hope strong, always and forever, the spirit is truth and as such one can breathe in reality, and not mere delusions, the soul is being, and thus one is, remember just like me, you have a spirit which resides within you, let your soul speak to you, and life will be much more than you ever though, such awareness of spirit, is what will make true….everything

Ali Assad



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