what is understanding and compassion

1st January 2024 | 3 Views

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Compassion, is an act of understanding which surpasses all limits, it is the thriving force of love, yet with such understanding comes great responsibility, and great effort, it is this comprehension, of life of love, which dictates the actions of the heart, friendship, loyalty, and passion, with this in mind, hatred is the savior of such, because it allows understanding, of that which is animosity, and dissonance.

This is mainly true, in all living beings, it is the heart which decides such manners, and if the heart isn’t right, then there’s a reason to fight,… mainly because a heart ailment, is a heart’s cure, love and compassion, can be differentiated, yet at the same time, any act of love can asimile compassion.

Anyhow such is the world, I choose to see a different reality, and thus act in a certain manner, it is not to differ only, it if to care, to show, and thus does hatred grow in the hearts of the compassionate, at all against those preaching injustice, and showing two faced lies.

So understanding is a comprehensive thought process, which signifies final conclusive knowledge, ah finally I understand, it is not the thought itself, or is it, as such to understand is to be aware, and compassion is to act in kindred spirit, for the sake of love, or justice, or otherwise, even in hatred, and vengeance,..

The heart’s poison is the beating of the soul, and hearts can never go astray…..

Ali Assad



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