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terms of agreement

1st January 2024 | 1 Views

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What is conclusive, is not as yet actual, nor based in a real consensus of terms, it is viable to requisance, all actual terms as non conclusive, and thus it is variable, to exact proportions, and to all dismay conformation is not resentable, nor definite.

It is thus searching for comprehensive action, and as such it is definitions of clauses which can exact work effort, example of a standard and non standard clauses. If a term is coined phrase definite, and term is phrased indefinite, it is that which is conclusive which does draw out the term…

An ultimatum or a goal is then thus set through indefinite clause, or definite actual reference, and as such it is that which does conclude in all truth the wording of such agreement.

Let us agree to disagree, the terms spoken of are in all fact, not fiction, and definite clauses of comprehensive array, are as such non conclusive nor do they act in partition to cause, and means.

As thus it is the most spoken word which is alliteration, as concluded without explanation that does as thus, which, and also describe the great unknown, and the search for understanding.

It is as thus that theories can compound the difference, and actuate systematic response to clause, and definitions, and that which does not is not.

Exemplary condition of such is the fact of proportable  representation of fact, and fiction, truth and theory, and hypothetical facts can thus be drawn out to define that which is unknown.

It is that which is answers, and that which are questions, that redeem themselves, in a wording so definite, to keep such ambiguity concise.

Ali Assad



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