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PS9 Release Date, Price, Features, & Specs – What to Expect?

Sony is actively working towards future PlayStations with a concrete PS9 Release Date in their mind. Sony is trying to compete with the overwhelmingly strong PC market.

Sony plans to prepone the future PlayStation release dates to compete with PC market. This means we could realistically see the PS9 Release Date in late 2034.

Sony filed trademarks for the names PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10 in 2020. This shows that they are planning for many years. 

Moving on, some official statements from Sony show that the PS6 release date could be as early as 2023. If that turns out to be correct, then PS9 could be coming within the next 15 years.

PS9 Release Date, Price, and Features

PS9 Release Date will be somewhere around 2035 and 2037. Sony has previously said that it will not be releasing any PS5 Pro. Having no product launch in 7 years can be harmful to brand awareness.

This means they will need to prepone the next PlayStations release date to release a newer PlayStation rather than an update to PS5. 

This trend will likely continue, so Sony will release the PlayStation 9 far sooner. Another reason why we think the PS9 Release Date would be in 2037 because the PC gaming industry has become far more powerful and cost-effective than ever before, making PS5 a relatively over-priced and underpowered machine.

Today, you can easily buy a quality gaming PC with better performance than a PlayStation 5 at the same cost. Sony knows it, and wants to improve onto it’s gaming console’s performance.

Sony will try to catch up with the PC market and then bring a radical paradigm shift in gaming that would give them a comfortable lead. This radical paradigm shift would be the PS9. That is why Sony would make the PS9 release date as early as possible.

They have massive plans for the PS9 Release Date. It is still many years far, but I have to admit that Sony will be bringing many clever tricks up its sleeve.

Sony has been aggressively hiring engineers with experience in AR, VR, and Cloud. This suggests Sony could embrace the Game Streaming movement. By the time of the PlayStation 9 release, our cloud capabilities would be good enough to provide negligible latency in gaming.

All successful PlayStations have brought radical shifts in the way we play games. PS9 would also be a significant step in the way the entire gaming industry works.

PS9 Features and Price

Sony PlayStation 5 did not do very well in the market. Thanks to the relatively challenging economic situation and the chip shortage, the PS5 did not impress gamers. That’s especially true because the PC market has expanded and become far more efficient and cost-effective.

Sony is looking into ways to uplift its position and again build the best devices for gamers. They are thinking short term and long term.

For the short term, they are planning to launch higher-priced machines that are capable of outperforming all PCs in the same price category.

For the long term, they are planning on some radical ideas that can transform the way gaming works. Our predictions suggest they might be working on adopting Metaverse and Game Streaming for their future PlayStations.

Sony’s Plan For PlayStation 9 – Game Streaming

PlayStation 9 is likely going to adopt Game Streaming. As technology gets better, it’s getting more and more expensive too. That’s why PlayStation will adopt Game Streaming to reduce costs and improve gaming performance massively.

By that time, humanity will have hopefully solved all the issues in Game Streaming, including latency. Wanna learn more about game streaming? checkout What Is Game Streaming? Best Game Streaming Services to Try Today!

Game Streaming will likely make PS9 cheaper, but it will introduce subscription fees. It would be interesting to see how Sony will distribute the costs. Sony may also experiment with metaverse with the Release of PS10 as well.

The Verdict

We are realistically at least 15 years away from the PS9 Release Date. However, Sony is already working on the development of the PS9. With active development going on for multiple future gaming consoles, it is safe to say that the gaming industry’s future is in safe hands.

Sony has known the art of dominating the gaming industry for years. Even though the recent PlayStation 5 sales were less than ideal, Sony is still on the right track to bring you the best possible gaming experience.

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