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Life only come once

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Sitting at the last bench of the class,

Like a bird that left its flock .

And everything around me

is moving so fast 

They say happiness is around you 

I think sadness finds you too

And when you think you have madePlease open  through it ,

That’s when you face the real u 

So don’t be afraid beacuse that is

What life is and we gotta learn it .

You know how you started , but

Don’t know how you will end 

SO, live your life to fullest 

Cause life only come once 

Then again a thought comes

Why only life come once .

                   ~by Tejasvi open

Tejasvi ThappaLast Seen: May 12, 2023 @ 1:04pm 13MayUTC

Tejasvi Thappa


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