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How to choose the best sand blasting machines and why?

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Every sand blasting machine is designed specifically for its particular purpose. Every machine is best in its way of providing the results you want to achieve. Those sand-blasting machines are the best ones that are right according to the type of project you are doing. There are many types of sand blasting machines used for each kind of purpose.

First, you should know what a sand blasting machine is.

Ø What is a sand-blasting machine?

It is also called a sandblaster or an abrasive blasting machine. With the help of compressed air, the abrasive particles are ejected onto the surface at high velocities. The machines are widely used as the popular surface preparation method in various automotive, marine, construction, and other industries. They work in cleaning the surfaces by removing rust, debris and contaminants to prepare them for welding.


In the metal fabrication industry, it is very important to understand the factors that involve choosing the right type of machine. The factors involve the type of surface you are working on, the surface area to be worked on, and the level of automation you need. You can easily select the best machine for your purpose when you are well aware of the types of machines.


What are the different types of sandblasting machines and their purposes?

The most common ones are:

  •         Portable sandblasters:

This is a very strong machine that lasts for years with an indestructible pressure vessel, rugged valves, piping, and fittings. The machine has a special feature which is the manual abrasive meter valve. This allows the worker to select the pressure of the stream accordingly.

  •       Cabinet sandblasters:

These 10-12 industrial-grade welded metal sheets are the most robust and durable products. It has various uses such as cleaning, etching, sculpting, finishing, deburring, or peening.

  •        Sandblaster booths:

Galvanized steel panels and structural beams are strong enough to form a cage to lift the weight of equipment. The booths have a lining that is resistant to abrasives helps in protecting the operator and gives a long life to the equipment.

Other sand-blasting machines are:

  •        Wet sand blasting machine:

A mixture of water and abrasive is sprayed onto the surface to clean, descale, and degrease the surface all at once. The special kind of nozzle ejects the abrasive with the help of different air pressures. The whole of the process is dust-free.

They can be used in paint removal, rust removal, and corrosion removal. Casting cleaning can also be done by this machine. It can also be used in ship hull cleaning.

  •        Suction blasting machine:

They tend to be used in various organizations. Its cabinet has two hoses, one that delivers the compressed air and the other hose has a vacuum that sucks the abrasive back into the gun of the sandblasting machine. On the other hand, its pressure blast nozzles have a larger hose to eject a mixture of media particles to the surface while sandblasting.

Its uses are mainly in clean and peen precision parts. It can be used in the production of uniform finishing.

  •        Pressure sand blasting machines:

This machine comes from a family of air-operated sand-blasting machines. It is used to gain moderate output. The abrasive stream is blasted with high velocity of air pressure creating abrasion to the components. The components exposed to the stream. For the larger size of the components, they are kept on the floor of the cabinet or a rotary table and are provided when needed. The machine is manually handled because of the air pressure. In this machine, the component is placed inside the cabinet.

This blasting machine can be used in blending light scratches and tool marks. It is ideal for deflating plastic and metal parts. It’s a good option for stone cleaning and designing.

  •        Portable machine:

Potable as the name suggests can be carried and transported easily. They are best suitable for small jobs or working at different locations.

  •        Stationary machines:

These machines are important for larger-scale work and ideal for fixed positions. They are big machines and powerful ones.


When you get the knowledge of the sand blasting machine, the next you need to know about is the type of media that is used in the machine. The type of media to be chosen again depends on the type of work you require. Sand is not used in today’s time as it is not good for the environment and health. There are various types of abrasive materials used in sandblasting. All of them come in a range of sizes, shapes, friability, and hardness. Each one is best in its way and according to the purpose it is used. The commonly used ones are:

·       Crushed glass

·       Coal slag

·       Soda

·       Garnet

·       Steel grit

After knowing the types of machines and abrasives used for various needs and purposes, it is important to know about other factors that give a clear view of how to choose the best machines. These include:

Ø Budget:

You can either opt for a cheap sand-blasting machine or go for an expensive one. It depends on the type of work you require. The cheap ones will have relatively lower quality than the expensive ones of course. But you can have an industrial media blaster of high quality at a reasonable cost. All you need to do is carry out an extensive research. The budget is calculated based on knowing which blasting media you will be using in your project and that’s the biggest factor to be considered in how to choose the best blasting machine.

Ø Sandblaster machine size:

It’s a blast pot size that is chosen according to the duration of the project. It is selected after knowing that for how long you need to do sand blasting by using one filler. The size of this blast is determined by measuring cubic feet. You will calculate and choose this size according to your project.

Ø Safety precautions:

Sandblasting can be dangerous if not done properly. So you need to be well aware of the precautions. Choose the kind of machine that has a pressure-release valve and a blast hose shut-off valve.


Ø Conclusion:

By considering all these factors, it will be easy for you to choose the best sand-blasting machines. You should know the machine that is most suitable according to your project and your required budget. If you are having any difficulty to choose then you can ask professionals and then decide. It is better to leave your project to professionals to overcome this problem. Every sand blasting machine is ideal in its terms of usage, so it is hard to choose the best one. The best one for you will be the one that is right according to your project needs. Hence it is required that you should know your project type before you go for research about machines.

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