Cat 6a Ethernet Cable And Its Types Plenum And Riser

Cat 6a Ethernet Cable and its Types: Plenum and Riser

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Cat 6a ethernet cable is an easy-to-install and high-performance network cabling solution. It performs much better as compared to its Cat6 predecessors and is more durable as well. Bulk Cat6a Cable features 23 AWG conductors that are twisted into tight pairs which allow them to minimize electromagnetic interference and crosstalk.

If you are looking to buy this cable, Cat6a plenum and Cat6a riser are the two options to choose from. In this blog, we will explore the 1000ft Cat6a Cable, its features, and its types. We will also take a brief look into the difference between Cat6 v Cat6a ethernet cables.

Cat 6a Ethernet Cable

The Cat 6a ethernet cable is a cost-effective network cabling solution. It offers a data transfer speed of up to 10 GBit/s over 100 meters with a 750 MHz bandwidth capacity. It is packaged in easy-to-pull boxes as well as on sturdy wooden spools. Both packaging solutions make the cable easy to install but the easy-pull box packaging is more convenient.

The cable core features 8 conductors which are twisted in pairs. Further, the individual conductor pairs are kept apart from one another by integrating a wire separator (also known as spline) in between them. The twisted-pair mechanism and the spline help in reducing the EMI (electromagnetic interference) and crosstalk in the cable.

Cat 6a Cable Types

As mentioned earlier, 1000ft Cat6a Cable comes in two main types. Cat6a riser and plenum. The main feature distinct between both of these types is their jackets. And because both of these cables have different jackets, they are used in different spaces.

Cat6a Riser

The Cat6a riser cable jacket is made from high-quality PVC and it is designed to be used in indoor vertically rising spaces. These vertically rising spaces are the indoor space between floors, inside walls, and in elevator shafts. All of the indoor riser spaces must be contained otherwise the riser Cat6a cable cannot be used.

It is highly resistant to heat, humidity, and other kinds of extreme environments and is coated with a fire retardant material. This fire retardant material makes it resistant to fire but it can emit toxic smoke should it catch fire.

Cat6a Plenum

Plenum-rated Cat6a cable is the better option. Like the Cat6a riser, its distinct feature is the plenum-rated jacket in which it comes wrapped. The plenum-rated jacket of this cable is made from LSZH materials which are not only highly resistant to heat, humidity, and other environmental uncertainties but are also immune to any toxic smoke. To reiterate, it does not emit toxic smoke in case of a fire event.

The Cat6a Plenum Cable is designed for use in indoor horizontal spaces. Moreover, it can also be used outdoors because of its highly durable build quality, which is exceptional. The Cat 6a plenum cable is

Ethernet Cable for Outdoors

Cat 6a ethernet cable is usually used for outdoor runs. That is the right use of this cable but not always. When you need an ethernet cable for underground runs, you will need to use a cable with a (linear low-density polyethylene) LLDPE jacket. These cable jackets are filled with a gel that protects the cable from harsh underground conditions. The LLPDE cables are also immune to underground creatures that might damage the jackets.

Cat6 v Cat6a

Well, which one is ideal for the outdoors? Cat6 or Cat6a? The answer depends on what your network requirements are. As long as the cable jacket is an LLDPE, you can choose either one of the two. Note that the Cat6 cable has a max speed of up to 1 GBit/s over 100 meters whereas the Cat 6a cable has up to 100 GBit/s over the same length.

Bulk Cat6a cable is also more resistant to EMI and crosstalk as compared to its Cat6 counterpart.

How To Buy Cat6a Cable

Buying the Bulk Cat6a cable entails three things. First, you will need to make sure that it will cater to all of your networking requirements. Make sure that 10 GBit/s data transfer speed with up to 750 MHz bandwidth capacity is enough for the applications. Also, be sure to note that the Cat6a cable is constructed with only premium quality materials and it costs relatively more than the Cat 6. 

Once you have considered all these facts and made sure that Bulk Cat6a Cable is the right cable for you, you will start planning. Planning the purchase of the cable includes measuring the required length of the cable. You will also need to specifically figure out the plenum and the riser lengths. 

Then comes the time for making the purchase. Buy Cat6a plenum cable for all indoor horizontal runs in air ducts and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) ducts. Since this cable does not burn or emit toxic smoke in case of a fire event, it must be installed in indoor spaces where air circulates freely. Then, you will buy the Cat6a riser cable for indoor vertically rising spaces.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Cat6a ethernet cable and its plenum and riser variants are designed to wire up high-performing LAN networks. Cat 6a ethernet cable is a high-performance cable and it comes at affordable prices. We hope this blog answered your queries regarding this cable.

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