9 Tips On How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience

9 Tips on How to Become a Freelance Writer With No Experience

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If you can write content at scale and enjoy complete independence, flexible working hours, and a proper work-life balance, then freelance writing is for you. You can become a freelance writer without needing investment or experience.

The lucrative benefits of freelance writing have caused many people to try to become a freelancer. While many tried, only a few succeeded. As a successful freelance writer, I struggled for a long time. That’ ‘s why I have made this fantastic guide with the best pro tips to help you become a freelance writer without experience.

Tips to Become a Freelance Writer

1) Select The Right Niches

When trying freelance writing, you must target a particular niche. You don’t necessarily need experience in a specific place to be capable of paper; you need a calling for which you have much knowledge and information.

Considering yourself a multi-niche writer is a big mistake—your clients should hire experts in their fields. As a freelance writer, you must look like an expert with knowledge and experience. Sure, you can select two niches, maybe even three slots, if all of them are related, but anything beyond 3 is too much for any writer. 

If you want to get a client as a freelance writer without experience quickly, you must decide on your niche, rate, and skills in advance.

Clients might test you by trying to push the budget very low; this way, they check your desperation. I would advise knowing their budget and not letting them dictate their terms. This way, you would be showing confidence and power.

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2) Know the Job Boards

To be a successful freelance writer without experience, you must master finding and converting the latest writing opportunities.

As you might have already observed, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork are so crowded with writers that it’s almost impossible for new writers to survive. Of course, after a lot of struggle, you might be able to start earning, but I firmly believe there are easy ways to become a freelance writer without experience.

Many excellent free job boards will give you high-paying jobs with less competition. To begin with, keep checking on these boards.

One of my favorite job boards is Pro Blogger. It might not have the highest number of jobs, but all the jobs are from a genuinely large client with in-depth job descriptions that help you choose the jobs best for your needs.

3) Practice

When you apply to clients, you will often get rejected initially. It’s essential to self-introspect and understand the reasons for rejection. Practice over all these reasons so that future job applications won’t be dismissed.

Two of the biggest problems faced when trying to become a freelance writer with no experience are the lack of portfolio and lack of practice.

That’s why I’ll help you improve both of these metrics. One of the best places to practice writing and earn money as a freelancer is Milyin. It is a free social platform where you can write about anything and everything. This is a great way to publish quality content on a quality website and use it as a portfolio for your clients.

The best part is that Milyin would pay you to write on their platform. This means you can practice writing with complete freedom while still earning money. Milyin would pay you flat $0.1 per ad click on your content, which is higher than the industry standards. To sum it up, you can practice, build a portfolio, and earn money at the same time by writing on Milyin.

This platform can singlehandedly propel your career and help you become a freelance writer with no experience in 2022.

Here are eight great tips to become a great writer.

4) Follow Up

Clients are lazy, unorganized, and foolish. That’s the hash truth. Many times, they might never reply to your job application emails. Other times, your work might get ignored just because they don’t need a writer at a given time.

So, you must constantly follow up with your prospective clients. Write high-quality emails that are less than 100 words in length. These emails should help you receive a proper update on your application and provide insights into areas with room for improvement.

My advice would be to learn to write short yet powerful emails. Also, since y you are trying to become a freelance writer without experience, a well-written email could be the most significant proof of your writing skills.

5) Use the Right Tools

As a writer, you must care for readability, grammar, language, vocabulary,  and more while ensuring your client’s best interests are not compromised. Naturally, it’s too much to do for a new, inexperienced freelance writer.

That’s why you must use AI tools to become a better writer. Especially as an inexperienced freelance writer, you might be working with multiple small clients with very different requirements. You might write British English for one client and then switch to American English for another.

So, you must use tools like Grammarly, Hemmingway Editor, Quillbot, etc., to assist you in your writing process. Hemmingway is an underrated tool that helps identify hard-to-read sentences, suggests better synonyms, and more.

6) Approach First Client

You would have difficulty sourcing new clients as an inexperienced freelance writer. It is a lousy idea to wait for someone else to discover you. Instead, you must look online and find small sites or local businesses needing a writer.

Write a lot of cold emails. Seriously, keep asking businesses if they want professional writing services at low rates, and you might land your first client.

Besides, if you have a little bit of money to invest, you can use that money to hire a freelance marketer who helps you find emails of potential clients. It can be a cost-effective way to discover the best clients cheaply.

7) Take Your First Step

You are already doing it wrong if you are trying to be fully prepared and 100% ready to become a freelance writer. Becoming a quality content writer requires knowledge and experience.

You must start. Sometimes, you might know working for that first client would be a mistake, but you still have to make that mistake because you never know how a foolish decision can eventually become one of the best decisions of your life.

Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a good decision, the first step will teach you valuable lessons you would not have learned from reading. I would reiterate the fact that there is no substitute for experience. Suppose you want to become a freelance writer with no experience. In that case, you must work towards building experience quickly or use your existing expertise in some other field to boost yourself to get into freelance writing without knowledge.

8) Ship and Iterate

As an inexperienced writer, you must constantly keep improving. Don’t hesitate to work for free as a #freelancer. Make proposals, send emails, etc. If a client is not 100% sure about keeping you, offer a free trial assignment.

Yes, it’s the same as big companies’ free trial to lure you into buying their subscriptions. Once you get a free trial assignment, improve it to their satisfaction and work up to long-term work with them.

This is a very effective strategy to help you acquire new clients.

How do you become a freelance writer with no experience?

You can quickly start earning as an inexperienced freelance writer if you select the right niches for your work and are quick to find the right job opportunities for yourself. You can start as a freelance writer using free-to-join social platforms like Milyin.



It is never easy to become a freelance writer with no experience. Using our freelance writing tips can help you improve your skills and ease becoming an excellent freelance writer. There is no substitute for having a solid portfolio and experience. The best way to build understanding is to start writing content on writing platforms like Milyin. You can always start your career on the best article-writing websites.

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