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Managing the day-to-day technology operations, processes, and related costs became a significant burden requiring the expertise of managed service providers. In addition, businesses need to focus on what they do best within their specific line of business. Time spent on IT was not a value add.

From my perspective, over the past 30 years in IT, I have seen the evolution from my days working at EDS, providing IT outsourcing to Fortune 500 companies. A luxury the small- to mid-market business (SMB) could not afford. SMBs’ only option was to use ‘the brother-in-law’ or ‘one guy and a truck’ to provide reactive break-fix using a call me when you need me model.

Many SMBs viewed IT plans as insurance rather than a genuine business need, even though technology continued to evolve rapidly with:

  • Cloud services
  • Software companies offering their software in their cloud as software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Increased need for Networking capabilities
  • Growth of cyber threats exploding the need for cyber security

Fortune 500 could access all the IT services and subject matter experts they needed, while SMBs could not access nor afford such services. As with most advancements, SMB typically lags enterprise companies by 18 to 24 months. Access to quality IT services was no exception.

Some proactive services were available through rudimentary support plans. The focus was on providing more proactive services to help IT before things broke. This was not an easy sell to SMB companies who have to watch every penny. We asked them to spend monthly money on IT for things that haven’t happened yet. Many would not commit until some significant pain point occurred like a server crash.

More info: Office 365 Migration Services

ravi fieldengineerLast Seen: Feb 26, 2024 @ 4:07pm 16FebUTC

ravi fieldengineer



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