Flipkart Scam 2022 Flipkart Cheating Customers With Fake Promises

Flipkart Scam 2022: Flipkart Cheating Customers With Fake Promises


16th October 2023 | 77 Views

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Flipkart has been using many cheap tricks to scam customers. Flipkart cheating customers using misleading promises, unrealistic discounts, order cancellations, and many more techniques.

With the Big Billion Days sale and the recent uptick in sales, there are many profound changes done by Flipkart that show their foul play.

It all started with the iPhone 13 sales, and it never stopped. To begin with, multiple cheap tricks are being used by Flipkart to do this. As a customer, you must know what they are doing and make better decisions while shopping.

Flipkart iPhone 13 Sale Price

During the Big Billion Days build-up, Flipkart promised its customers to sell iPhone 13 for less than 50,000 rupees. It was an exciting deal and an excellent chance for many Indians to own an iPhone. 

When the sale started, iPhone turned out to be only 48,000. But, as it turned out, the price remained at 48,000 only for a couple of hours. 

Many users rushed to buy the iPhone 13, but the rate kept increasing every few minutes. It reached 53,000+ in the early few hours of an almost week-long sale.

After promising and building hype, they could deliver the benefits to only a handful of people, which is the sad reality of Flipkart’s attempts were merely overpromising and underdelivering.

Flipkart is cheating customers by even canceling some of the successfully placed discounted orders.

Flipkart Cheating Customers With Smartphones Replacement

If that wasn’t enough, Flipkart has been doing many hideous things that have made it difficult to trust them ever again. While competing with Amazon in the Indian marketplace, they have been one of the best places to buy smartphones for a long time.

However, Flipkart recently started making changes that have made the smartphone buying experience a nightmare. As a result, today, we can’t recommend buying smartphones from Flipkart.

A few months ago, they started a new Open-Box Delivery service, where the delivery agent comes to deliver your phone, he/she would open it in front of you and ensure all parts and accessories are there as expected.

It was a welcome move; it felt like Flipkart was doing good for the customers. But, as it turns out, Flipkart was quite evil. Their plans started to take the wrong direction with the changes in their policy.

At that time, it was assumed that the buyer would still retain the 7-Day return period. However, now, Flipkart has closed their 7-Day return, in fact, you can NOT return your phone to Flipkart.

Flipkart cheated customers by introducing “7-day Service Center Returns“, where they claimed the service center would replace the damaged product. However, all service centers have denied providing any such service.

Flipkart announced a “Service Center Returns”, with no intimation to brands or the service center. As a result, customers today buying phones from Flipkart assume the ability to return, yet in reality, the return doesn’t exist. It has been better explained in a video by Gyan Therapy

Flipkart Cancelling Orders

Besides keeping customers void of discounts and replacements, Flipkar scam 2022 has also includes cheating customers by canceling orders.

As a part of the Big Billion Day Sale, Flipkart earned more than a billion dollars due to many products’ massive discounts.

But, after the sale, users reported many of their legitimate orders being canceled with no explanation being given. Some users even reported as many as 6 orders being canceled by them. The only possible explanation is that Flipkart sold the products too cheap for their liking. As a result, they canceled the orders to avoid making any losses.

For customers, it meant they could have been waiting to buy a product on Flipkart for many days, and after buying it, desperately waiting for it to deliver, yet it got canceled for unknown reasons. They wasted time and effort, possibly delaying some work, and now would have to look at some other place altogether and repeat the entire process.

Clearly, #FlipkartScam is far more extensive, and they have been cheating customers for quite some time now.


Flipkart has not commented on the entire saga of Flipkart cheating customers as of now. People have been furious at this behavior of Flipkart.

Some users are trending #FlipkartDoglaHai on Twitter to protest against the e-commerce giant. Hopefully, Flipkart will learn from its mistakes and does better in the upcoming Dussehra sale.

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