New Gta 6 Leaks Reveal Gameplay, Plot, Characters, And More

New GTA 6 Leaks Reveal Gameplay, Plot, Characters, and more


16th October 2023 | 31 Views

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In a recent hacking attempt by a teenager, much top-secret information about GTA6 has been revealed. These latest GTA 6 Leaks include information about the storyline, main characters, map, plot, and more.

These leaks are made from a still-in-development version of GTA 6, which means things may change before the final release. However, we will keep updating this article to match the latest information.

Who was the hacker of GTA 6?

The hacker allegedly is a teenage boy from the UK who is involved in hacking Uber and leaking critical gameplay for GTA 6.

The recent change in the 

The 17-year-old has been arrested and has been charged with misuse of computers. The teenage GTA hacker goes by the name “teapotuberhacker.” 

The hacker had also shown a willingness to negotiate financially with Rockstar Games (owner of GTA). He claimed access to the source code of GTA V and GTA VI, along with many critical media and files that he would leak publically if his demands weren’t met.

These leaks would have a significant impact on the GTA 6 Release Timeline.

Are the Leaked GTA 6 Videos Real?

Yes, the GTA 6 leaks are authentic. This is because Rockstar Games has claimed copyrights on those leaked videos.

If some videos are fake or edited, they are allowed to be on YouTube, but these leaked videos were the intellectual property of Rockstar; hence, copyrights were claimed, and it was proved that the videos were genuine and authentic.

The vast majority of videos have already been deleted, and any easy-to-find video today would be fake. However, those who got the initial glimpses of the videos have provided a lot of critical GTA 6 leaks based on what they saw.

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GTA 6 Story Location Leak

GTA 6 will take place in Vice City and the surrounding areas. It will be a Florida-like environment that will be used to build an excellent map that incorporates Florida’s constantly changing weather conditions with hurricanes, storms, sunshine, rains, and more. GTA 6 leaks suggest that this dynamic weather will help make the game more interesting.

Some in-game GTA 6 footage leaks show the existence of a beach and a lake, which will all be part of the map. Besides, Rockstar Games has plenty of water features, forests, airports, bridges, and UFOs for players to enjoy.

GTA 6 Characters Leak

One of the most unexpected revelations was about the characters. GTA 6 Leaks suggests that we would see new characters. For the first time after GTA II, we’d see a male and a female protagonist in GTA 6.

According to the GTA 6 leaks, theprotagonists’ namess are Jason and Lucia. The characters would now be able to carry weapons on their back. Moreover, you’d enjoy sharing as well as individual inventories. This means some of your assets would remain exclusive to your character, while others would be shared among multiple symbols.

GTA 6 Graphics Leaks

Graphics is an area where Rockstar shines with some of the most advanced graphics and realistic graphics.

Many were disappointed to see no significant improvements in the graphics department. However, it must be noted that graphics are one of the last things that are completed. Generally, the assets from other games are reused at the development stages. This is done to speed up the work of building maps, layouts, and game physics.

However, we still saw glimpses of what is soon to come with the GTA 6 release. First and foremost, the interiors of buildings and vehicles have seen a level up, with much more interactive and detailed layouts.

You’d also observe more natural gunshots and more realistic defense of NPCs against gunshots, where they try to move away from the direction of the bullet’s projectile. Such additions make the game even more realistic and a step above the rest.

The NPCs now will be of different heights and body shapes. In the previous GTA (and most other games), the NPCs were roughly the same shape/size with minor adjustments. But, the GTA 6 leaks show it will have NPCs with significantly unique heights and shapes.

GTA 6 Gameplay

GTA 6 rumors show that the gameplay would see a lot of improvement with additional functionalities and enhancements. Players would be able to interact and communicate with the NPCs and more. The interactions would also include taking NPCs hostage. 

Another excellent addition is the ability to shoot while swimming, allowing for more underwater fights. The guns and other weapons can be held at many more angles by you and the police. This would provide much more freedom for attacks.

The gameplay would be optimized for the most cutting-edge hardware. It would likely work best on higher-end PCs/laptops and future PlayStations. Fortunately, the PS6 Release Date roughly coincides with the GTA VI Release Date.

The police can now arrest you, check for driving with alcohol/drug consumption, and more. 

These were some of the significant GTA 6 leaks. If you know anything beyond that, feel free to mention it in the comment section.

Unlike the previous versions of GTA that were based on relatively older times, GTA 6 will likely be taking place in a much more modern era closer to our lives today.

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