8 Best Ways To Get Paid To Write About Anything In 2022

8 BEST Ways To Get Paid To Write About Anything (2023)

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Earning money is tough, but today, there are some great ways that you can use to Get Paid To Write About Anything online in 2023. These platforms are great and ideal for beginners and inexperienced writers. You can use these platforms.

You can use these tools to quickly get paid to write anything and everything you want. These no-code content writing solutions are easy to use and provide built-in monetization tools and guidance to become a better writer. Our research process involved evaluating all platforms based on their content versatility, ease of writing, earning potential, and more.

If you like writing fictional stories, then check out our best ways to get paid to write a story.

Editor’s Pick:

If you are looking for an ideal method to write anything and get paid, choose Milyin. With Milyin, you can start writing and earning from Day 1. It allows you to write on any topic and start earning money.

Get Paid To Write About Anything

NameEarning PotentialEase of WritingWriting SpecialtyJoining CostLink
TextBrokerVery HighModerateWriting tests for Star Rating, Multiple Clients, etc.FreeTextBroker
👍MilyinVery HighVery GoodKnowledge Base, Complete Control Over Monetization Tools, Earn From Day 1, etc.FreeMilyin
MediumHighVery GoodMost Popular Writing Platform, Ideal UI and Tools for BeginnersFreeMedium
Reader’s DigestHighGoodIdeal for writing unique creative content, sharing personal experiencesFreeReader’s Digest
Ghost.orgVery HighVery GoodBest for writing a wide variety of professional content and multiple monetization sourcesIt starts at $29 a monthGhost.org

1) Textbroker

TextBroker is best for getting started as a beginner writer

Textbroker, as the name suggests, is a site to find writing work. It helps clients and writers meet. Unlike other writing platforms, Textbroken focuses only on written content. Furthermore, Textbroker is an excellent choice for young and inexperienced writers. Textbroker takes a test for all users to see and understand their command of the language, grammar, and writing skills.

Based on your performance in the test, you are assigned a rating. Higher ratings fetch you bigger jobs with higher payouts. It’s an excellent choice for beginners who aren’t sure about the rate they should be charging. Once registered, you can Get Paid To Write About Anything and everything available on their site. 


  • Rate: You can get a higher than usual per-word pay rate based on your performance in the written test.
  • Matching: Unlike other freelancing platforms, it matches you with clients who are genuinely the right fit for your skills and preferences.
  • Automation: It works with complete automation, ensuring all your payments, invoicing, and client communications are handled for you.
  • Flexible: You can be flexible in terms of the amount of work you want to do. There are no minimum or maximum assignment competition requirements.
  • Writing Speciality: It is an ideal place to get paid to write anything if you want to give a writing test for a star rating and work with multiple high-value clients.
Payouts as high as 5 cents per wordRelatively less growth potential for long-term
A wide range of clients allows you to Get Paid To Write About Anything you actually like 
An excellent choice for beginners and inexperienced writes 

Link: https://www.textbroker.com/ 

2) Milyin

Milyin is best for overall writing and earning money

Milyin is a new platform that supports all types of writers. This open-for-all platform allows you to write as much content as possible on any topic. It’s ideal for everyone who wants to Get Paid To Write About Anything they like. You get to learn, improve, and interact with your audience.

This platform helps you follow, chat, and interact with other writers. It can be instrumental in helping you improve your writing skills as well. You earn via advertisements on a CPC basis. With Milyin, you can also get paid indirectly via affiliate links in your written content on Milyin.


  • Monetization: Complete control over monetization with the ability to customize the advertisements to meet your financial goals
  • Knowledge Base and Guidance: Proper knowledge base and documentation to help you improve as a writer
  • Tools: Tools to help you write content, add images and videos, embed tweets, Instagram posts, and more
  • Interactions: Allows interaction with other creators on the platform via comments, pings, chat, hashtags, and more.
  • Writing Speciality: It provides you with a knowledge base, complete control over monetization tools, and lets you start earning from day 1.
Start earning from Day 1No Android or iOS app
Built-in SEO Tools to help you rank on Google 
Earn $0.1 for every ad click on your content. 

Link: https://milyin.com/ 

Why is Milyin the best way to get paid to write anything?

Milyin is an ideal choice to write anything and get paid due to its easy signup, Day 1 monetization, freedom of choosing topics, and growth. There is no test, registration fees, or requirements. Simply sign up and start earning!

3) Medium.com

Medium.com is best for exploring and writing quality content 

Medium.com is one of the most popular places to write and consume content. It is a great place to start writing, grow an audience, and become famous. It’s a place for professional content writing. You can get paid for writing on Medium.com. 

At Medium, the earning method isn’t straightforward. You get paid when Medium’s paid readers read your content. You can gain knowledge and learn tips for becoming a better writer with their Creator Hub. Writing at Medium will help your content rank higher in Google searches and generate a lot of views.


  • Sign Up: A speedy joining process allows you to sign up and get started with writing in almost no time.
  • Top Writers: Allows interaction with the big names in many industries. With its large user base, you get exposure to a huge audience and some of the best writers in your niche.
  • Writing Tools: It has a variety of tools that help you easily create, format, and stylize the content according to your preferences.
Beginner-friendly user interfaceRequires being consistent before being eligible to earn money
Discover written content of popular creators and celebrities on Medium.com 
Supports sharing and learning through other people 

Link: https://medium.com/ 

4) Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is best for writing unique thoughts and perspectives

Reader’s Digest is one of the best places to Get Paid To Write About Anything and everything you like. This platform is ideal for writing your mind. This platform isn’t geared towards any particular genre or important limitations. Instead, it is for anyone and everyone. Reader’s Digest magazine welcomes your unique stories and original, organic content.

You can get paid to write short stories at the rate of $100 per story unless specified otherwise. You can effortlessly submit your report in a couple of clicks on their site. These stories later get published in magazines and various other places. Some select stories may also be featured on their site.


  • Topics: It covers a wide range of categories, including humor, food, travel, knowledge, etc., for you to choose from.
  • Personal Content: It is the best place to feel represented and get paid to write about your life, personal incidents, and your perspectives.
  • Short Form: This method to get paid to write anything is largely focused on shorter content — 100 words or less
  • Formats: Automatically formats and corrects minor grammatical and clarity errors ensuring you can focus on creating quality content.
It helps build your audience and grow as a writerNot ideal for long-form content
Accepts even the most beginner-level content provided that you have good quality 
Allows you to present your own unique story and creative content  

Link: https://www.rd.com/100-word-stories-submissions/ 

5) Ghost.org

Ghost.org is best for professional writing and lead generation

Ghost.org is one of the best platforms for writing content and creating professional-looking websites for your content. It provides you with plenty of tools and assets to earn money by writing anything and everything you like. This platform is ideal for getting paid for writing.

It is highly customizable, and the UI can be tweaked according to your needs using predefined templates and various themes. You can even add your branding and make the content uniquely yours. With Ghost.org, your primary source of income could be anything from Google AdSense to Amazon Affiliate or anything in the middle. It’s an ideal platform for enjoying unmatched freedom.

  • Customizability: Ghost.org is designed to be flexible, and can be easily customized to meet your requirements.
  • Monetization Tools: The widest range of compatible monetization tools allow you to get paid for writing anything
  • Formatting: The built-in WYSIWYG editor comes with many tools to edit, format, and design text in any way you like
  • Analytics: You are provided with analytics and proper insights about your audience for making informed decisions.
Supports building Email Newsletters and generating leads from contentNo Free Plan
Built-in support for Paywalls for doing e-commerce 
Fast and efficient design to ensure high performance and ease of use 

Link: https://ghost.org/

6) B. Michelle Pippin

B. Michelle Pippin is best for business writing

B. Michelle Pippin is a great place to Get Paid To Write About Anything if you are interested in writing about business, entrepreneurship, economics, startup ecosystem, and related topics. Besides, this is one of the best places to read about the business world. This site is geared toward women entrepreneurs. It is an ideal platform to get paid to write about your life.

This is an ideal choice for you if you have a strong command of English and have knowledge about business-related stuff. The payouts would vary between $50 to $150. Your content would be published on their site or as a part of their newsletter.


  • Professional/Technical Writing: This is the best site to learn and grow as a professional writer and gain experience on valuable topics.
  • Topics: You can get paid to write about anything about business, entrepreneurship, finance, startups, and more.
  • Work: You get to work, learn, and share experience with some of the most talented professional writers globally.
  • Flexibility: Complete flexibility over working times, allowing you to scale up and down according to your requirements.
An excellent choice for female business and entrepreneurship writersRequires a bit of past writing experience
Gain trust and credibility as a professional writer 
It is a fantastic experience that could be instrumental in getting many more jobs 

Link: https://www.bmichellepippin.com/get-paid-to-share-your-expertise-with-us/

7) Wander Lust

Wander Lust is best for travel writing.

If you like traveling for fun, a job, or any other reason, this is one of the ideal places to write about anything about travel. Wander Lust focuses entirely on journey-related content. This site is perfect for enjoying writing quality travel content and enjoying your vacations and adventures. Essentially you would get paid to write about your life while traveling.

This is one of the highest-paying platforms, with payments reaching 220 Euros per approved assignment. It is one of the most professional and quality writing organizations. They release only a handful of content publications every year but still manage to have a strong presence at a global level.


  • Niche: It is a very professional travel-focused content writing site. You can easily grow as a writer if you are interested in travel.
  • Content: Published content online in the form of blogs and articles along with printed magazines, giving you exposure to various forms of writing.
  • Depth: You will be writing in-depth content that includes destination features, trip planner features, dispatches, etc.
One of the most reputed travel-related blogs in EuropeMeager chances of content being shortlisted for publishing
Let you choose the topic of your choice 
Even first-time writers can get their content published if it is written with professional, careful writing. 

Link: https://www.wanderlust.co.uk/about-us/writers 

8) Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for soul is best for sustainable income

One of the best ways to get paid for writing anything is by publishing your content in the Chicken Soup For the Soul book series. It is an excellent choice if you have experience writing stories and poems. Without much knowledge, you can create a genuinely good short account or a poem that can be submitted to Chicken Soup For The Soul for publishing.

In case you are not very interested in earning but want just to be writing for reputable brands to build recognition, you should check out ways to write online for free.

They have a lengthy review process, but once approved. You can enjoy a consistent income of $200 per month for the rest of your life. It is a great way to have a consistent long-term income and is one of the best ways to get paid to write short stories.

One of the highest payout for a single assignmentLong review process
Allows you to become famous and gain fame 
Complete freedom over genre and writing style. 

Link: https://www.chickensoup.com/

Conclusion – Get Paid To Write About Anything

With modern services and upcoming platforms, it hasn’t been easier to start getting paid for writing about anything and everything that you may like. We’ve made a final conclusion for you to help you better make a decision. 

FeatureBest Platform to Get Paid to Write
Best choice overall for earnings and freedomMilyin
Best for earning through freelancing.Textbroker
Best for travel-niche-specific content Wander Lust
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