50 Killed as Churches Targeted in Bomb Blasts In Sri Lanka

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More than 300 people are injured and 30 are killed due to bomb blasts in Sri Lanka. At a intentionally targeted attack at churches the bomb blast in Sri Lanka happened when Christians celebrated the Easter.

No organisation or group has taken the responsibility of the attack. The target was mainly in Colombo. The target was at higher end of the spectrum hotels and bomb blast in Sri Lanka also happened in 1 Church in Capital and 2 churches outside the city.

The Sri Lankan administration and Police are at high alert doing all attempts to take the things in control, this is one of the major attacks of 2019. As the bomb blasts in Sri Lanka happened in the church while the prayers going on for Easter, it is assumed that the target were directly Christians.

Just a few days ago the NotreDame #NotreDame Cathedral caught fire. Though it was a unintentional accident, but the fast some days have been very sad for the Christian society.

”A bomb attack to our church, please come and help if your family members are there,” read a post in English on the Facebook page of the St Sebastian’s Church at Katuwapitiya in Negombo.

The #BombBlast in Sri Lanka is really sad, and is a set back for humanity. On a  to-be peaceful and happy day, we see such bomb blasts in Sri Lanka, where global chains of Hotels are targeted, and it is a proof that humanity is not able to control the advent of terrorism.

These locations were critical locations, and important iconic points for the country.

”A bomb attack to our church, please come and help,” read a Facebook post from St Sebasitian’s Church at Katuwapitiutya. 

After the Bomb Blasts in Sri Lanka, the whole world has united and represented there grief. Sri Lanka does not have a really large population for the Christianity, but it is said that christianity is a unifying bond for the country

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