9 strangest and difficult programming languages

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All of us know programming languages like Java, JavaScript or C++. But have you ever known that languages which even Anonymous won’t understand? Here’s the 7 of them.

  1. Malbolge: The Unreadable Code

– Malbolge is intentionally designed to be difficult to program in, with bizarre instructions and an unreadable syntax.

   (=’Kj%:)|’L:{!`~ @_/`

         2. Whitespace: Programming in Spaces
   – Whitespace ignores traditional code characters and relies solely on spaces, tabs, and line breaks, making it challenging to read and write.
   “`whitespace code example 


          3. INTERCAL: The Esoteric Language
   – INTERCAL uses intentionally confusing syntax and has features like the “COME FROM” statement, making it one of the most esoteric programming languages.
   DO ,1 <- #13
   PLEASE DO ,1 SUB #1 <- #238
          4. Brainfuck: Minimalistic Challenge
   – With only eight commands, Brainfuck challenges programmers to write functional code with a minimalist instruction set.

            5. Chef: Code in the Kitchen
   – Chef turns programming into a culinary experience, using cooking-related commands and ingredients to create unique and confusing code.
   Hello World Souffle.
   72 g haricot beans
   101 eggs
   108 cups oil
   111 kg water

             6. Shakespeare Programming Language: To Be or Not To Be Code
   – Inspired by Shakespearean plays, this language requires code to resemble dramatic dialogues, adding complexity to programming tasks.
   Am I better than you? 
              7. ArnoldC: Coding the Schwarzenegger Way
   – ArnoldC transforms Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes into executable code, adding an entertaining but challenging twist to programming.
   TALK TO THE HAND “Hello World”

Доктор КлефLast Seen: Mar 8, 2024 @ 7:53am 7MarUTC

Доктор Клеф



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