Jujutsu Kaisen | Gojo Saturo | Chapter 1

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Milyin ยป 499410 ยป Jujutsu Kaisen | Gojo Saturo | Chapter 1

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    Gojo 🥳🥳🥳Satoru, hurry up and wake up before we’re both late for work.”🥶🥶🥶🥶


    💯But he grumbled in response, “Just a little longer…” 😎And pulled me closer to his bare chest.

    I groaned, giving in as I was practically locked in his warm embrace.

    Once Gojo finally woke up, he started planting multiple kisses on my cheek, then traveled down to my neck and chest.

    “Good morning, my love.” Satoru smiled, planting one last kiss on my breast.

    “Satoru…” I softly said, my cheeks burning red as he chuckled.

    Climbing out of bed butt naked, Gojo went straight to the bathroom to shower.

    While he showered, I went to put away the clothes that were scattered around our bedroom floor. Once I finished, I went to wash up after my husband and we both headed over to the kitchen.

    “Are you craving pancakes?” I asked, tying up my hair while looking through our cabinets.

    “No, but I am craving your puss–“

    “That’s enough,” I cut him before turning back with a box of pancake mix. “You already had that last night.”

    Satoru smirked, making his way to th5923b0a7e03c1313522799509444f238a76e572f525d2b2c4f74f87d1a394bd4.0e kitchen to hug me from behind. Pressing himself against me, I felt something poke me as Gojo leaned to my ear.

    “And I’d love to have it for breakfast,” He then looked at me with that cunning yet charming smile of his.

    Turning over, I pulled him closer.

    “If you’re really turned on,” I softly said, caressing his cheek, “go jerk yourself off.”

    “What?!” Gojo pouted as I pulled away from him. “Y/n! You can’t just tease me like that! He wants you!”

    I chuckled, prepping the ingredients, “Sounds like a you problem.”

    Once I finished cooking and we cleaned up after our meal, Gojo teleported us to the school.

    “If it wasn’t for your teleportation, we would’ve been 30 minutes late,” I said, looking down at my watch.

    “Gojo sensei! L/n sensei!” We heard shouting from afar.

    Looking at where the sound was coming from, Itadori and Nobara were charging toward us with Megumi following behind them.

    “Itadori almost burnt off my hair!”

    “No, I didn’t! You were in the way!”

    “You were running towards me with fire, idiot!”


    “Okay, okay, you two,” I chuckled, breaking them apart. “Nobora, calm down. Itadori, how many times have I said not to horse around with hazardous things?”

    “But sensei–“

    “Yeah, you idiot!”

    As the two began bickering again, Gojo wrapped his arms over them.

    “Now, students! Let’s not be hasty!” He smiled as the two finally noticed my annoyed smile. “Or else you’ll have to write a 10-page essay with a week worth of exams…”

    “Eh?!” The two widened their eyes in horror.

    “What kind of monster–“

    “That’s enough, Itadori,” Gojo chuckled, covering the boy’s mouth.

    “Since we’re all together, why don’t we go over our schedule, hm?” I smiled as Megumi handed me my folder.

    “For chemistry, there’s a few formulas and vocabularies I expect you guys to memorize for our 3-day lab starting tomorrow. For English, you’ll be reading one chapter each day. There will be pop quizzes and short answered essays so you better keep up with your readings. And for training,” I paused to see Nobora and Itadori’s lifeless expressions, “I’ll leave that for Gojo to decide.”

    With a heavy groan, Nobora whined, “Sensei, could you shorten the readings, please? Chapter 2 has like 30 pages!”

    “If this is because I called you a monster… I take it back,” Itadori sheepishly says.

    I shook my head, “No. But we are behind schedule because someone decided to slack off while I was overseas, so you’ll all have to work hard the next few months.”

    I glared over at Gojo who was cluelessly picking his nose.

    “Sometimes, I wonder why you married him,” Megumi whispered over to me.

    “Me too,” I sighed but couldn’t help but smile.

    Back then, we didn’t get along as much. Gojo was playful and reckless, while I was uptight and strict.

    However, after having to team up with his and Geto’s missions, we got to know each other. And the more we knew, the more intrigued we were.

    Eventually, we confirmed with our friends that we were dating. In response, they were utterly dumbfounded that we were polar opposites, and of all people why I chose Satoru.

    And once we got engaged, Shoko claimed that I still had a chance to leave while Nanami introduced me to one of Tokyo’s best divorce lawyers in case of anything.

    Despite their efforts, they were truly happy for us.

    After losing Geto, and almost each other, we managed to get this far in life.

    Once the students and I entered the classroom, we immediately went to work. From going over chemistry notes to studying English with breaks in between.

    “All right,” I looked up from my notes, “remember to read chapter 2 today and memorize your chemistry formulas and vocab. You’re all released to Gojo.”

    While the three first years packed their belongings, I went back to my grading until a shadow hovered over the papers.🌹

    Itadori and Nobora had already left, leaving Megumi to stand before me.

    He looked around, seemingly making sure there wasn’t anyone around.🤐

    “L/n san, are we still getting dinner today?”

    “Of course,” I nodded. “A promise is a promise, right?”😗😗😗

    A small smile😜 creep around his face as he lowered his head, “And no Gojo?”😱

    I shook my head.🥳

    “Okay, see you later, L/n san.” He said and walked out.


    While the spiked-haired boy left, I let out a chuckle, realizing how much he has grown.


    “Even so, I don’t think we should send him off to the Zen’in Clan,” I admitted. “After all, they’re just going to use him.”

    “So what are you suggesting?” Gojo asked, wrapping an arm over my shoulders.

    I thought for a moment, “This is really foolish of me to say, but, why don’t we take him in?”

    “Then that kid’s going to have to work really hard,” Gojo hummed as we spotted a spiked-haired boy. “Speaking of which, oi! You must be Megumi kun?”

    The boy stopped with a blank expression, “Yeah, and who are you two?”

    Approaching him, I crouched before him and I propped my arms over my legs.

    “I’m fnn,😊 and this is my friend Gojo Satoru,” I introduced ourselves.


    But he had a brow raised at Gojo, “Why does he look like that?”

    As I turned back, Gojo had an idiotic look on his face.

    “I’m just seeing how alike you two are…”

    “Gojo.” I frowned, before turning back to the kid, “I apologize about him, but we’re here to take care of you and your sister in your parents absence.”

    “Yeah, because I ki

    Hastily, I went over to cover Gojo’s mouth, sheepishly smiling down at the kid.

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