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What are the Best Dates in Pakistan to Buy?

20th December 2023 | 11 Views

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It is almost indisputable that if there is one dry fruit that is common to all the Muslim countries across the world, it is the date. The date is both widely consumed and purchased across these countries, including Pakistan. Because of the wide appeal of this fruit, people are on the lookout for the best dates in Pakistan.

Dates are significant in Muslim countries because of their religious association with Islam. Hence, people consume them in high amounts, especially during the period of Ramadan, as it is a common practice to break your fast at Iftar with a few dates, following the practice of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).

In this article, we will tell you about the best dates in Pakistan to buy in 2023, including their rates as well as explaining some of their benefits and features to give you a better idea about them.

Where to Buy the Best Dates in Pakistan

When we talk about buying dry fruit online dates can be found in many places. However, we would recommend as the best place to get them right now. You will usually find the best rates because of the frequent discounts that they offer while still getting great quality products. Being an online marketplace, they have not just dates but most dry fruits available on the market.

Prices of Dates

Next, it is important to give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to dates price online, especially the best quality dates. Searching online, the current price of dates in Pakistan ranges from 500 rupees to 4500 rupees for a kilogram, depending on which variety you get.

The Best Kinds of Dates

Now we shall tell you about what the best kinds of dates are to buy right now, as well as some of their more prominent features and benefits.

Ajwa Dates

What better place to start off with on a list of the best kind of dates than Ajwa Dates. Ajwa dates are considered by many people to be the premier dates that exist in the world, especially by Muslims.

The reason for this popularity is that The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) mentioned Ajwa dates directly, talking about their protective and health properties when consumed regularly. Because of this, and because they come straight from the region of Medina, the second holiest city in Islam, there tends to be a very high focus on the quality of the product, and at the same time, there is always a high demand.

Known for their very dark brown to black color and chewy texture, these kind of dates are thought to be beneficial for people with sugar problems because of the trait that they share in common with other similar foods like dry aloo bukhara, dry figs and apricots of having high fiber and a low glycemic index.

Medjool Dates

The second on our list of the best dates are Medjool dates. These kinds of dates originate from Morocco and are called by some the fruit of the kings. They are known for having been consumed by royalty in ancient times, and this association with a high level of opulence continues to some extent to this day.

Medjool dates are known for having a rich brown color, combining with a taste that is thought to remind of a caramel-like sweetness. They are also known for being usually larger in size than most other kinds of dates.

A common health benefit associated with Medjool dates is that they are thought to be very good energy boosters. Their ability to rejuvenate a tired and exhausted person has been known for many centuries. In addition to this, they are thought to be one of the best sources, even among dates, of essential vitamins like B6, which is essential for the health of your nervous system and brain.

Amber Dates

The third on our list of the best kinds of dates are what are commonly known as Amber dates. These kinds of dates come in two varieties, either the Khalas, which comes from Oman and Yemen, or the Majid which comes from Saudi Arabia.

These kinds of dates are known for their unique shape, particularly being on the longer side. They exhibit a medium to dark brown color and have a mild sweetness to them, with a texture and chewiness that reminds of the Kishmish dry fruit.

These kinds of dates are a common artificial sweetener, as well as being used in many different desserts and sweet foods. They are also known for having a high level of antioxidants, which help to combat and prevent diseases that may be caused by the formation of free radicals in the body, as well as helping with blood pressure because of the high level of potassium inside of them.


If you are looking for the best rates available on the market, the above options should suit you perfectly. In addition, the platform of will provide you with the best rates on the market for these and other dates, as well as any other dry fruit that you may be interested in.

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