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Google will pay $700 million to resolve ‘monopoly charges’; details include how much is awarded to Android users and the 50 US states.

19th December 2023 | 6 Views

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In order to address an antitrust complaint brought by consumers and the attorneys general of every state in the United States, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has suggested paying $700 million and making adjustments to the Play Store. Google was charged with having an unlicensed monopoly over the Android app store industry in the case. Google was charged by state solicitors general of engaging in anti-competitive behaviour, increasing the cost of Android apps, and receiving up to a 30% commission on Play sales. Here is what Google has suggested as part of the deal with the court.

$629 million will go to Android users.
Customers who may have overpaid for apps or in-app purchases will receive $629 million.

US states will receive $70 million.
States will have the option to receive $70 million of this amount, and $1 million will be used for settlement administration.

Allow alternate in-app billing methods and third-party applications on Android devices.
Google will keep enabling Android for the installation of third-party apps on mobile devices via methods other than Google Play for a period of seven years.

The non-Google app store might be included with your future Android phone.
Google will not stop competing app stores from being preloaded or impose Google Play’s exclusivity on phones. Third-party app shops will be given access to a range of features and capabilities, such as installing apps, updating software, and using APIs.

More voice is given to developers in app distribution
Developers will have more flexibility in how their apps are distributed and won’t be forced to provide their best prices only through Google Play.

liberty when sideloading applications
Google will change the way it pushes users to install apps from other sources and will permit developers to let users know when there’s a better deal somewhere else.

Users can learn about Google service fees from developers.
Among other things, developers can interact with users outside of the app, reveal Google Play service fees, and notify consumers of better deals without using direct external links.




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