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Explore Turkey Like Never Before & Fulfill Your Halal Holidays Dream

19th December 2023 | 9 Views

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Are you tired of meeting the hectic demands of routine life? This article is a reminder that there are always options to revitalize yourself. You just have to give it a try. Several travel agencies worldwide cater to travelers’ demands of utilizing their holidays in dream destinations keeping their budget intact. One of those demands includes spending Halal Holidays in globally renowned destinations. In this article, I’ll share the requisites of halal holidays and a prime destination for spending these vacations, creating unforgettable memories.

What are Halal Holidays?

Halal holidays imply travel experiences that are specially tailored for Muslims keeping their specific religious requirements in check. These religious requirements include:

  • Keeping in consideration the Islamic principles like the segregation of men and women.
  • Easy availability of halal food as Islam forbids consuming certain foods also called ‘Haraam’ or ‘forbidden’.
  • Ample prayer facilities to conveniently fulfill prayer obligations. Availability of mosques in the vicinity of accommodation or tourist places.
  • Accommodating halal food for Sehri and Iftaari in Ramadan and designing the trip keeping in mind the Ramadan schedules.

With the globally escalating Muslim population, it has become essential to introduce ‘halal holidays’ especially personalized for Muslims to make their vacations memorable while adhering to their religious obligations.

Turkey as a Halal Holiday Destination

Located between Asia Minor and the modest part of Europe, Turkey ranks among the top places to visit for Muslims to relish the ultimate halal holidays experience. With an area of 301,382 square miles and a population of around 84.78 million people, the country comprises stunning natural landscapes and amazing cities exhibiting Western-inspired Turkish culture. The Capital of Turkey is Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople which was also the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The currency used in Turkey is Turkish Lira and the official language is Turkish.

Travelers can savor delicious continental and intercontinental cuisines, explore wonderful wildlife, and revitalize in artificial and natural spas. There is no shortage of luxury hotels and resorts to reside and relish their top-notch services. Visitors can explore several historic mosques, landmarks, and museums to revisit the rich Ottoman past. The place provides all the necessities to the visitors for conveniently adhering to religious requirements and spending memorable halal holidays with their loved ones in this remarkable country.

Top Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Esteemed Muslim tourists must visit the top three cities in Turkey namely: Istanbul; Antalya; and Ankara. For an unforgettable spiritual experience, visit the tomb of Maulana Rumi in Konya.

There are several incredible places in all the aforementioned and other cities of Turkey. The marvelous Hagia Sophia comes at the top of the list due to its long-standing stunning architecture and religious importance for both Muslims and Christians.

Visit the renowned Top Kapi Palace and Museum to revisit the incredible past of the Ottoman Empire and observe other significant relics of Islamic history.

The amazing Cappadocia is a must-visit especially for cherishing the romantic honeymoon holidays while keeping it halal. Ride the hot-air balloons and enjoy the stunning vistas of enormous landscapes. Take beautiful pictures with colorful hot-air balloons in the background.

Get amazed by the relics of the outstanding Roman architecture, exhibiting the might of their emperors. Another Roman marvel is the Roman Theatre of Aspendos located in Antalya which proves the magnificence of the incredible Roman past. These places make Turkey interesting for Western and European tourists due to their affiliations with the Roman civilization.

Best Things to Do in Turkey

  • While in Turkey, several activities must be relished to make your halal holidays worth it.
  • Revitalize in the natural Pamukkale Thermal Pools while observing the broad white landscape with turquoise springs cut in various layers with the beautiful blue sky above.
  • Immerse yourself in the spiritual views of dervish dance in Konya and pay respects at the tomb of Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi.
  • Enjoy the incredible Bosphorus ferry ride and behold the impressive Galata Bridge distantly and the mesmerizing cityscapes at the Bosphorus.
  • Cherish the unforgettable kayaking experience in Kekova and witness the astounding Sunken city relics.

Savor Traditional Cuisines

There is no shortage of delectable Turkish cuisines that include both salt and sweet dishes that are popular worldwide. Kumpir, Menemen, Meze, Kunafa, and Baklava are some of the top cuisines to try. Baklava and Kunafa are popular Turkish desserts and must-try for halal holidaymakers.

Our Services!

At ‘Muslim Holy Travel’, we offer our brothers and sisters located in the UK, the most suitable halal holiday packages that accomplish their demand for an unforgettable traveling experience. We have over 10 thousand satisfied customers and are also ATOL-certified and IATA-protected.

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