Complete Guide On Google Helpful Content Update 2022

Complete Guide On Google Helpful Content Update 2022

16th October 2023 | 20 Views

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Google announced a major update to their search algorithm, called “Helpful Content Update”. It’s not a core algorithm update, but it is expected to have a significant impact on all writers and blogs.

It’s Google’s attempt to provide more relevant, original, and authentic search results to all users. As a part of this update, Google will evaluate your content on parameters like your first-hand expertise about the topic, primary niche, and values demonstrated. 

While it’s impossible to find the precise impact of the algorithm update, we can use various indicators and existing information to predict the precise impact of Google Helpful Content Update 2022, and how can adapt your content to better suit the update.

What is Google Helpful Content Update?

Google’s Helpful Content Update is an algorithm update that aims to improve Google Search results in English. With this update, Google aims to analyze and find the most valuable content for readers.

This update is considered to be very similar to Google’s Panda Update of 2012, which brought a significant paradigm shift in the way SEO worked and made recommendations.

What are the Benefits of Google Helpful Content Update?

With Google’s new algorithm update, people would get much more accurate search results, wherein plagiarised content, low-quality content, and irrelevant content would be suppressed, and quality content with in-depth information written by experts would see growth.

It’s an automated update and relies on machine learning. Sites with a high volume of low-value content will see a sharp decline in their rankings for all content.

When will Google’s helpful content update launch?

The Google Search Algorithm Update will be launched by the end of August and shall start showing its impact on all sites quickly. Sites will eventually see the positive or negative impacts as a result of the update. Adequate steps and updating of content can help quickly adapt

How Google Helpful Content Update 2022 Will Affect Your Website?

If you have a website with lots of thin content spread across multiple niches then you are screwed. Google’s new update will not be good for you as such sites with diverse topics generally lack quality and have poorly written content. You much quickly remove useless content and try to consolidate your niches.

However, bigger sites with diverse content (think news websites), will be immune to this update as this update shall be only applicable to search results, which means news and images remain unaffected.

Besides, if you focus on one particular niche, or you have really quality content across multiple niches, then this update will have minimal impact on you.

SEOs, bloggers, writers, and website owners must reevaluate all content on their sites and remove useless content, aka “fluff”, and ensure proper relevant content is shown to all users

How To Create Content For Google Helpful Content Update?

Google’s new update focuses on the need for having genuine content with a proper value that reflects the writer’s expertise in an area. That’s why Google suggests you write content that is built with a people-first objective rather than SEO-first.

Here are some questions that Google shared to help you create such genuine content effortlessly.

  • Does your content clearly demonstrate first-hand expertise and a depth of knowledge (for example, expertise that comes from having actually used a product or service, or visiting a place)?
  • Does your site have a primary niche or focus?
  • After reading your content, will your reader leave with the feeling of having learned something new or achieved their objective/goal?
  • Will Reader be satisfied after reading your content with zero unanswered questions remaining?

What Are The Limitations of the Helpful Content Update?

While the Helpful Content update the search results would be more useful and relevant than ever before. However, the algorithm update has its own limitations. 

It is expected to be a major update, that’s why Google is currently implementing the update in a phased manner.

Initially, the update will be limited to Google Search Results excluding images, news, and other stuff. It will also be applicable to the English language only. All other languages shall continue to use the previous Google search only.


This is one of the biggest and slightly unexpected search algorithm updates. Earlier in 2022, the algorithm changes had some serious impacts on many sites which took them a long time to recover.

Today, with another major update coming up, Google is really trying to take down all spam and unreliable content-producing websites. 

As far as writers are concerned, now’s the time to start writing and improving your content to minimize the algorithm impact.

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