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Harmony of nature-poetry

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Saurav Das

18th December 2023 | 36 Views
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In the realm where celestial wonders reside,

Where nature’s touch is divine in its stride,

There lies a tranquil abode, a sacred retreat,

Where earthly worries wither, surrendering to peace’s beat.

Oh, how magnificent it is to dwell,

In this realm where heaven’s secrets swell,

Where verdant meadows stretch across the land,

And majestic mountains rise, majestic and grand.

Here, nestled amidst a tapestry of green,

An orchestra of life’s symphony can be seen,

From the dainty dance of butterflies in flight,

To the melody of birds serenading the light.

Within this sanctuary, gentle rivers flow,

Their shimmering waters like liquid gold aglow,

Whispering secrets of ages, their wisdom profound,

As they carve their path through sacred ground.

Beneath the azure sky, a canopy of tranquility,

Where clouds paint masterpieces, pure serenity,

The sun’s benevolent rays, a warm embrace,

Caressing skin, illuminating every cherished place.

In this heavenly nature, time seems to stand still,

Each moment a treasure, a whispered thrill,

The air breathes life into every living thing,

As the scent of blossoms enchant the zephyr’s wing.

On silent nights, as moonlight weaves its gleam,

The stars emerge, like dreams within a dream,

Their celestial dance ignites the soul’s ignite,

Awakening passions, igniting the inner light.

Oh, to walk barefoot on sacred soil,

To feel nature’s heartbeat, in perfect coil,

To listen closely to the secrets it imparts,

And connect with the essence that stirs our hearts.

For in heavenly nature’s embrace, we find,

A respite for weary souls, a peace of mind,

A reminder that we are but a part of the whole,

Coexisting with nature, in harmony’s sacred role.

So let us immerse ourselves in this divine retreat,

Where heaven meets earth, where love is complete,

Let nature’s beauty envelope us, ignite our flame,

And let our souls forever be inscribed in its name.

For living in this heavenly nature, we transcend,

Beyond the mundane, our spirits ascend,

In harmony with creation, we find our worth,

As we embrace the magnificence of this wondrous Earth.                                              Saurav Das -2023-12-17

Saurav DasLast Seen: Mar 8, 2024 @ 10:35am 10MarUTC

Saurav Das



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