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I Don’t Believe in Plenty Much Everything

Lake ChassLast Seen: Dec 17, 2023 @ 1:13pm 13DecUTC
Lake Chass

14th December 2023 | 2 Views
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“Everything is F*cked.” 

That was a book by Mark Manson. Good dude. A fatherly figure (to me). I called in BAD, “Best Asshole Dad,” but in a good way. 

Okay, let leave Mark for now. Let concentrate hard on the topic at hand.

Shall we?


I don’t have a specific religion. As in. Or as at – right now. And I don’t think I’m planning to. Yeap. In the future at hand. So don’t put plenty hope on me.

I don’t have any qualifications (academically according to the scholars) concerning the teaching of Jesus, Mohammad “SAW” and Oracle Vs “Orunmila” and some other deities (you know, outside my jurisdictions) but I do have some personal feelings about something: moral.

I don’t know about politics (well I do have a brother that can rant on and on about politics but me? smiling, unless you want to turn your country upside down) but I think religion somehow reasonably resonates with it or look alike (I’m talking only about my own perspectives so don’t run me with truck yet).

In my hometown “alone” at least we have seven different types of churches. 

We have Catholic, we have CAC, we have Redeem, we have C&S, we have CCC and some other different types of acronyms that you wouldn’t know the full definition except you’re one of the members of that churches.

Why am I saying this? You wonder.

My concern is: 

Why is churches getting more and more available (and popular) everywhere but the people in it are still full of shit? 

You mean business?

(Oh! That’s your guess not mine).

And no. I’m not writing this to condemned any religion and or traditional practices. I am writing it to tell you exactly how I felt about it.

And how I felt was: Believe whatever the hell you want. 

Fuck your theoretical bullshit.

Be practical.

(I want to find something to eat).


Lake ChassLast Seen: Dec 17, 2023 @ 1:13pm 13DecUTC

Lake Chass



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