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Client Centric Approach: Delivering Excellence in Legal Services

Ember CaddelLast Seen: Dec 14, 2023 @ 1:31pm 13DecUTC
Ember Caddel

14th December 2023 | 5 Views
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Client centric approach is an idea prank calling: different types of lawyers are now embracing and it’s not hard to see why.  The approach yields the expected results or even exceeds them and is one of the reasons why some lawyers are doing so well.  In fact, some people argue that only forward thinking lawyers embrace the client centric approach with those deemed to be less ambitious deciding against it.  

This however is not the case for many reasons and some explanations will be given to you in this text as to why that is.  One of them is the fact that a client centric approach works differently for different lawyers or law firms.  Even though the approach promises immense benefits if well utilized, not everyone can benefit from it equally. 

The other reason is the ability to take full advantage of the client centric approach in the delivery of legal services.  Some lawyers are simply under capacitated to take full advantage of a client centric approach while others just prefer a different approach. You see in as much as a client centric approach really works for some law firms and lawyers, there are certain lawyers that never find it good and enough for their operations.  

These lawyers and their firm prefer a different approach which they find to be working just fine.  In fact, on the issue of client centric approach or any other approach, it is really about what works for everyone but rather than what seems to be working for anyone. Nonetheless, the idea of a client centric approach in the administration of legal services is one whose time has come and here is why. 

What Does It Mean To Run a Client Centered Law Firm? 

There is so much talk about running a client centered law firm but do people really know what running a law firm in this manner entails? How is it different from running a law firm conventionally and can every law firm adopt this mechanism for their own practices? 

If they do, then what will be the benefits and is the idea even feasible in the first place? These questions go a long way in helping anyone contemplating this idea understand the use of client centric approach and its benefits.  With each one of these questions answered, it will be easier for everyone to understand why they need to adopt the use of client centric approach in service delivery. 

Client centric or running a client centric law firm simply means putting clients at the center of the operations of any law firm. To do this well, lawyers and law firms are supposed to think beyond just the obvious deliverables in their practice and put clients at the center of their thinking.  

Put simply, client centric approach is an approach that requires lawyers and law firms to put clients at the core of their thinking.  To at times think and put themselves in the shoes of clients and assume they are looking for lawyers just like clients would do. Lawyers must then be able to think what constitutes a good service that every client is looking for and provide it in the most efficient manner. 

As a lawyer or any law firm, your main objective should always be to solve client legal issues in timely efficient yet affordable manner. This is exactly what a client centered approach does, it helps you to tick all these boxes. As you do so, you will start to earn the trust and confidence of your clients which will make it easier for you to obtain information from them any time you want it. 

Client Centric Approach Leaves Clients Satisfied 

One of the biggest benefits of a client centric approach is customer satisfaction.  As a lawyer, you need to understand that the success or failure of your law firm is heavily dependent on customer satisfaction.  Unfortunately, some lawyers never really pay attention to this aspect of their craft hence failing to benefit from it optimally. 

As a lawyer, you need to know that there are many benefits which lie in client satisfaction. One of them is the possibility of the client coming back to you should they have another case they need assistance on.  The other benefit is the issue of referral where some clients might refer some more clients to you and help you grow in the process. 

  • Client Centric Approach is good for the Internal Running of the Law Firm 

The internal operations of any law firm must be tied around some idea or objective.  This objective is what guides the operations of the firm and determines whether it makes a loss or not.  For those law firms that tie their operations on the idea and objective of client centric, success is always close. 

 This objective in itself assists the law firm to run their operations in a way that leans more towards client satisfaction.  As a result, the law firm finds itself doing almost anything possible to deliver its services in a way that addresses all the needs of their clients.  Doing so consistently assists the law firm to grow and become successful within a short period of time. 

  • Client Centric Approach Helps in Giving Clients What They Need 

Knowing what a client is looking for and delivering exactly that is something that can only be achieved if there are proper mechanisms of making this determination. Law firms that prefer a client centric approach have internal mechanisms they use in determining what exactly a client is looking for and attempting to deliver just that to them.  

This is why such law firms have always managed to deliver to clients regardless of which one and on what issue.  They also put so much emphasis on client satisfaction and everything that can assist in the attainment of this goal. 


Client centric approach is one of the best ways any law firm can use to deliver exceptional services to their clients.  This approach in particular offers so much to any law firm making it hard to ignore by any fast and forward thinking lawyer.

Ember CaddelLast Seen: Dec 14, 2023 @ 1:31pm 13DecUTC

Ember Caddel



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