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I Am Chosen Not to Care Anymore

14th December 2023 | 2 Views

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Decision. Tiny little parcel of decision. After experiencing a lot of hardship, through women. Then I have decided: No point in caring more than necessary for this gender.

Women are the weirdest creature I’ll ever observed. Reasoning. 

This gender can go a greater length loving someone and still deny it to your face. They can have like seven boyfriends and never openly admitted to any of them if they were agreeing to his proposal. 

Cruel? Not cruel. It teaches you to know exactly what matters and what didn’t. Which mean: love women but don’t be a fool.

Some of them are wise, like a Phoenix. Wiser than your great great grand father. Ultimately cunning. Brilliant. Extremely calculative. And always in a state of pushing tragedy to maintain the men that are dating them. 

After all we are the men, the problem solver. Always wanting to solve shit. And the weirdest the problem the eager we are. Sad.

But when a crazy percentage of us decided to beat women, out of their silliest mind games, (no dummy, not literally beating them, I mean being sensible than them), the Mummy’s pet amongst men will still be pointing fingers at us. Claiming we are maltreating women. That women are fragile. Soft texture to be moisturized. To be pampered and be shadowed like an eagle. Poor kids. Go and asked your father how your mother behaved. Only 3% out of 90 are sensible (at least your Dad can testify).

Believe me a woman that claimed to be yours will never go against you. Even when you’re being shitty. She will never balled out and rant on you, blabbing the fuck and the origin of your parents, pointing out how your father usually overdrink and took the grace to hit around, and that in turn she had already know what kind of boyfriend/husband/man you’re going to be. That you were useless. Never. No way. Unless she’s a retarded woman.

Only a retarded woman will stand tall to his man and be firing fingers to his nose when there’s an argument or misunderstanding. 

A sensible and well-mannered woman will relaxed, took her time and wait until her husband was in the mood to listen to her and explain how she felt with total commitment and total respect. 

But to the retarded? Well, the relationship had crashed before the argument had started. Useless bastards.

How can you see your man as an equal? Equal? No wonder you’re not giving him the total submission. Daughter of a bitch, born to devil. 

Boyfriend literally mean nothing to you. Just a dispatcher of menstruation pad. And the dummy was happy to be an errands boy anyway. So win-win. Son of another bitch, but now born to a counterfeit man.

But I’ve stopped caring anyway. 

I don’t have the mood to control or give advice to any man or woman again. I’m tired of all that. I just want to live my peaceful life.

If you said it’s normal then it’s normal. If she said you dare not then you dare not. I don’t have the mood to interrupt or interact with anything. 

And you wouldn’t listen to the advice anyway. So why bothering? 

So face your bitch.


Lake Chass



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