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And to My Woman Out There, I Want You to Have A Life

14th December 2023 | 6 Views

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I wouldn’t be happy with you if you literally don’t have a dream. 

I wouldn’t be happy with you if you live in a “passive massive” aggressive mind state. 

I want you to have a life.

I am tired of every woman without a dream. I am tired of women that believe everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. 

Even though they’re doing nothing to earn the state. Even though they have nothing (values) to offer a man. Except to flaunt the two frontier of their chest. To shake the “yans” (buttock) and still think that they’re great. To walk the room and demand every man to lick the floor they’re walking on. I despised such women. They offered nothing except to exploit the man.

But I respect the respectable ones. Women that believe man will always be a man. That it doesn’t matter what the level of their beauty is. 

That how toned their body were has nothing to do with their respect towards their man. That even if they’re making billions over the thousands their man is making they’re still going to respect their man. Those are the women that I respected.

I want you to have a life, please for Christ sake.

I want you to be able to tell me, “Lake, can you support all my dreams? Can you support all my ambitions? Can you stand by me even when everyone are all turning against me? Can you decide to love me even when I sometimes do something you’re not happy about?” 

Yeah! I want you to be able to utter those words. Only a mature and sensible and respective woman can utter those sentences.

Don’t tell me there’s nothing I can do. 

Leave that to the bitches around you. 

Tell me you want me to support you.

Even when I’m broke and get to the last penny of my life. Tell me you don’t care about all that. Tell me you believe I could succeed, that I can still make a comeback. 

Tell me that you knew “deep down” in your heart that I’m a genius. 


I will definitely appreciate those words.

I don’t want you to be a fool.

Women that thinks both men and women are the same. That relationship and marriage is 50/50. That their man must respect their wish. Even though they’re wishing for the most brutal thing on earth. Those bitches. I don’t want you to be like them. 

I want you to have a life.

And please be honest with yourself.

Because if I were to be the woman, and you happen to be the man, will you date a woman just like you?

And that should be the end of this article.

Lake Chass.

Lake Chass



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