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Is Liquid Face Lift Good At Early Age Or Should Be Only Done At Old Age?’

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Liquid Face Lift1Every person wants to look younger than their age. There are various reasons behind the ageing of skin much earlier. Because of them one might look old than their age. If you get wrinkles on your face, get eye bags or dark circles, sunken cheeks then you automatically look older than you are. As we move forward with our growing age, the natural contours of our face change considerably. These changes do not only make us look tired, angry or unapproachable but also make us feel an energized person.

To overcome such a problem, there is an invention of a non-invasive and painless technique which is called liquid face lift. This whole treatment provides patients with a natural fresh look with the instant results and reduced recovery time.

Ø What is a liquid face lift?

Liquid face lift is a procedure in which dermal fillers are used to reshape your face by lifting the sagged skin up. It helps in restoring the volume of the face. Rather than recovering extra skin through incision, a filler solution is injected into the layers of skin by the help of a needle. More than one filler can be used in one time procedure that includes: Sculptra, restylane, and Juvederm.

The concept of dermal filler have been in work since long but more techniques are evolving as aesthetic medicine study more about facial anatomy and the age of sagging. It does not only involve the filling lines and creases but is also used to refresh skin and beautify the face. Liquid face lift focuses on the cheek bone part, refreshes the under eye area plus minimizing the dark circles that result in “tired” look and bulging lower lids making the jawline and upper neck look like new instantly. Liquid face lift does not need any incisions, stitches or general anesthesia. This technique was started in Brazil where plastic surgeons developed it by injecting dermal fillers into certain areas of face for complete facial make over.

With precise injection of fillers, it creates a beautiful, naturally lifted, facelift-like result without invasive surgery.


Ø How the liquid face lift procedure is done?

The doctor or plastic surgeon performing the procedure first clean your skin and then apply the anesthesia (topical, local or nerve blocks) for your comfort. Once your face gets numb, the doctor starts to inject the small cannula or needle to let the filler go into the targeted areas of the face. Cannulas are preferred more rather than needles as they minimize the risks of bruising and swelling to your face and you get started with your daily activities as usual.

The procedure needs 30-60 minutes of time that depends primarily on the number of fillers to be used and the number of facial areas requiring the treatment. Your refreshed face is them sculpted to accent and highlight your personal beauty.

After the whole procedure, the doctor will apply all-natural topical products to further minimize the chance of post-procedure swelling.

·       The types of fillers used in the treatment:

1.    Sculptra: this filler replaces the expired collagen and helps in the growth of new collagen. It is preferred for deep facial depressions. Sculptra works slowly and requires a couple of treatments to restore facial volume. As sculptra takes time, the doctor uses filler by the name of Juvederm simultaneously with Sculptra to give immediate results. All Juvederm products are made up of Hyaluronic Acid fillers. This acid is naturally present in the skin and reduces the chance of allergic reactions and other complications.

2.    Radiesse:

This filler is made up of microscopic spheres of calcium hydroxyapatite contained in water-base gel. This gel initially fills wrinkles, folds and lines.

When Radiesse is absorbed by skin, it stimulates the growth of collagen and the generation of new tissue. Radiesse is naturally absorbed by your body with the passage of time. It is not mostly used by doctors as it spreads through the tissues.

3.    Restylane:

This component works similarly to Juvederm that has hyaluronic acid in it. This acid helps in lubrication and insulation of the tissue underneath your skin. Both restylane and Juvederm increases the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin thus refresh the look of your face.

There are many kinds of fillers as discussed above but the kind of filler to be used totally depends upon the type of patient’s skin, concerns and preferences. So some doctors use premium grade prescription fillers that are safe, non-permanent and also reversible.


Ø What’s the best age for liquid face lift?

Liquid face lift is suitable to both men and women of ages from 25-90. So it can be done at early age and old age too. Whoever wants to get natural freshness with no drastic change, Liquid face lift is for you. The best terms and conditions to undergo liquid face lift is when you have good skin elasticity but you just want to treat fine lines, wrinkles, hollow tear troughs, slight jowls and volume less in the cheeks. This is good for people between their 30s and 40s who don’t need to undergo a surgical facelift. A good result may also be achieved in cases of more skin laxity, for such conditions more fillers and different techniques are required to achieve desired results. Despite of being through such treatments before you must consult your doctor beforehand in order to reduce contraindications that will result in any damage to your face.

Relying on your targets, the liquid face lift is not just limited to dermal fillers. Some doctors also use other injectable such as anti-wrinkle injections and fast-dissolving injections. These are the complimentary treatments that work for your skin surface related issues like texture, pigmentation or acne and are included in the package of your treatment plan for detailed transformation.


Ø The conclusion:

Nowadays people want to feel better and in order to feel better you actually want to look good. People want to achieve this feeling with a less of pressure. Before the surgical face lifting, people were concerned about such treatments and thought how to change their look that hindered their confidence. By the arrival of liquid face lift technique, the doctors achieved more reliable ways for the people who want to transform their looks to regain their natural skin and youthfulness- thus gaining their confidence back.

Amelia RichLast Seen: Apr 7, 2024 @ 5:12pm 17AprUTC

Amelia Rich



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