Restore Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook with Great Ways

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Your Outlook has permanently deleted emails, and you don’t know how to recover the files. Then, in this article, we will discuss methods that will restore permanently deleted emails in Outlook. We also explain the reasons why your emails are deleted.

Outlook is a successful email client, and billions of users use it all around the world. This is a great email program for personal and professional use. It is because you can use Outlook for various activities, such as sending and receiving email messages, managing your calendar, storing the names and numbers of your contacts, and tracking your tasks. With all these amazing features, there are still certain problems that occur.

Reasons for Outlook Emails Deleting

In some cases, users can lose their important Outlook emails. If the file is deleted temporarily, then restoring the data would not be that difficult. But if your email is permanently deleted, then that would be difficult. However, why was your file deleted? For this, there are many reasons.

  • Generally, this happens when you accidentally delete your file.
  • You have set a retention period for deleting your data, and the time period is over.
  • You delete your email; later, you want to view the emails.
  • This problem can also happen if your data is affected by a virus or malware attack.

So, for these reasons, you can lose your Outlook emails. Now, to recover them, there are different methods available.

Ways to Restore Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook

When your Outlook emails are deleted, they will be in your Deleted Item Folder. So, when you lose your files, check the folder to see if your file is there or not. If the file is there, you can restore your emails from there. If you have a backup of your deleted emails, then you can easily get permanently deleted emails from Outlook. However, you don’t have the backup file, and your emails aren’t shown in the folder. Then, the third-party tool would be the only way to recover your files. Thus, you can restore your deleted emails using three techniques.

  • Restore deleted Outlook emails from the Deleted Item Folder.
  • With the help of a backup file, recover the lost emails.
  • Using software to recover the deleted Outlook files.

Restore Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook with Deleted Item Folder

Whenever Outlook data is deleted, it moves into the Deleted Items folder. From there, your data is saved for 14 days. After that, your data is permanently deleted. If your emails were recently deleted, then you can use this option to recover your files.

  1. In your Outlook program, go to the Deleted Items folder from the folder pane.
  2. Select the emails that are lost, and select the folder where you moved your emails.
  3. If you delete your emails from the Deleted Items folder, you can also recover your emails by clicking the Recover items recently removed from this folder link.
  4. Choose the emails that you want to recover and press OK.

You can recover your deleted Outlook emails using this method. If your file doesn’t show up in the folder, then use the next method.

Restore Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook from backup File

By making a backup file, you can get a lot of help, especially in this scenario. Here, you just have to browse your backup files, and then you can easily recover your Outlook emails that were lost or deleted.

  1. Open the control panel of your system. Search your backup file from there.
  2. After finding out, click on the restore my files option.
  3. Click Browse the files or browse the folders to select a previously backup file.
  4. Now, set a place where you want to save your files.

The above two methods are simple and can do the job, but if you don’t have a backup file or no emails in the Deleted Items Folder, then the next method is the only way to get permanently deleted emails from Outlook.

Restore Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook by Third-Party Tool

This method is best for recovering permanently deleted Outlook emails. In this, we use SysTools PST File Recovery Software for PST Files. This tool allows users to get back their deleted Outlook items like emails, contacts, calendars, events, journals, etc. The file creates a new PST file after it restores your data. If your PST file becomes large, then you can use the Split PST File Tool to split your oversized PST file into multiple smaller PST files. In addition, there are other various features you can enjoy, such as.

Features of Software

  • You can view your deleted items in the preview pane in red.
  • The users scan their file with two options: quick scan and advance scan.
  • It effortlessly recovers multiple PST files.
  • After the scanning process, you can save a copy of the scanned file.
  • During the process, the software maintains a folder hierarchy.

Steps for Recovering Deleted Emails

  1. Download and install the software, then click on the Add File option.
  2. If you know where your PST file is, then you can click on the Select File option. Click on Browse to open your file.
  3. To add multiple PST files, click on Search File. Select any options from Search Selected Drive or Search All Drive.
  4. After that, click on the scanning mode options Quick and Advance scan that you want if you have a corrupted file.
  5. Click on the Add button, and from there, your scanning process will start. After it ends, click on the Yes button to save a copy of the scanned file.
  6. Now, all the Outlook data is displayed on the screen. Preview your files in HEX, HTML, RTF, and other modes.
  7. On the left pane of the screen, select Mails to see your deleted emails.
  8. After that, we export the file to save your deleted data. Select the emails that you want to export and click on the Export Selected option.
  9. Click on PST format and then export.

Note: If you want to export your PST file in another file format, like EML, MBOX, PDF, etc., then use PST File Exporter Software.


Whether you accidentally deleted your Outlook emails or for other reasons, your data was deleted. This article shares with you different ways to restore permanently deleted emails in Outlook. Here, we explain two methods. The first two are manual ways, but if those don’t work, then the professional method will. Apart from that, you also have to pay attention so that this problem will not happen again.

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