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Be Green: Must-visit Vegan Cafes and Restaurants In Leeds

Stanislav KirilovLast Seen: Dec 27, 2023 @ 5:27am 5DecUTC
Stanislav Kirilov

7th December 2023 | 6 Views

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The days of limited vegan food options have sunk into oblivion. It’s time for delights from the best chefs that will spoil even the most demanding vegan. Leeds will offer a lot of delicious meals for supporters of veganism, from simple street plant-based plates for a quick snack to a mind-blowing fusion from the elite chefs.

Most restaurants are situated within the city, but there are some notable ones located far from the centre. Therefore, the choice of mode of transportation determines the success of the entire trip. Leeds centre has good access from the motorways and clear junctions with signs inside the city, so driving will be smooth for both beginners and experts. When you are on a trip for several days, it is impossible to do everything at once, but Leeds car hire

will help you cope with 99.9% of what you planned. will allow you to arrange a real gastronomic tour for yourself and your travel companions, visiting the best vegan restaurants in the city. Why bother with a difficult choice when you can move to several dining spots (and even more) in a day? For vegan loyalists, Leeds offers special vehicle categories with vegan interiors (without animal-derived materials). Prior reservation is the best way to hire a car that suits all your needs! So, turn the key in the ignition and step on the gas — your tour through the best vegan restaurants in Leeds starts right now! Check the following list and free yourself from analysis paralysis from searching for vegan food in Leeds City:

  • Donner Summer

  • Eat Your Greens

  • Chef Jono at V&V

  • Indian Tiffin Room

  • Wawin Vegan Chinese.

Doner Summer

You don’t have to be a meat eater to love burgers. How about changing the concept of food 180 degrees? Doner Summer is one of the most famous spots in the city, known to every local vegan. How can you pass up a traditional burger prepared according to a special recipe with buttermylk pattie, signature burger sauce, diced onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, and dill pickles, placed between two halves of a vegan brioche bun? Legendary Doner has developed its own doner meat and vegan mock chicken, that you will not find in any vegan junk food dining place. You can also try a buttermylk patty drizzled in garlic butter in French style or enjoy Chick’n Parm Kebab with 0% Gallus domesticus. 

Eat Your Greens

Did you know that plants were the main inspiration for creating a popular organic grocery store and vegan cafe in Leeds? Eat Your Greens offers guests a freshly made omni menu going from farm to table. Head there to enjoy a hearty dinner from Tuesday to Saturday (5-9 pm) or an exquisite lunch from Wednesday to Saturday (12-2 pm). Crispy veg tempura and delicious tofu nuggets perfectly combine with organic cider and refreshing cocktails. Do not miss the chance to try marinated crown prince squash with tomato satay broth (£12) or cumin spiced seasonal veg accompanied with chestnut mushroom & chickpea stock with sourdough (£9). And a cherry on top — signature pecan pie with vegan meringue (£7.5).

Chef Jono at V&V

It’s time for creative cooking from the city’s renowned chef, who creates British cuisine from seasonal ingredients prepared according to the exclusive recipes. Precision, elegance, and magic of taste are the Chef Jono at V&V culinary credo. Let yourself be immersed in the world of haute cuisine and indulge your senses by visiting an exquisite vegan restaurant in Leeds. A signature vegan tasting menu is available for £79 per guest as well as a special five-course menu on Wednesday and Thursday. Just imagine the taste of French onion risotto or pear tomatoes with walnuts carefully prepared by an inspired culinary expert at one of the best vegan restaurants in Leeds.

Indian Tiffin Room

Traditional Indo-Chinese food is a fusion between the vegetable dishes of the mainstream South and Central Asia culinary scene and generous amounts of savoury Chinese dressings and sauces. During the British Rule of India deep within Calcutta, this culinary trend gained particular popularity. If you’re looking for something new and want to treat your taste buds to a riot of spices, look no further than the Tiffin Room. This Leeds vegan restaurant offers a choice of fantastic vegan dishes such as freshly prepared samosa (small pastry turnover) in the authentic Punjabi style or hot & spicy Schezwan Fried Rice, full of bursting flavours of ginger, garlic, and red chilli paste. The restaurant is situated at 31-32, Park Row, Leeds.

Wawin Vegan Chinese

While we’re on the topic of Chinese food, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the dining spot that scares every Chinese takeaway competitor in the city. It will take you a long time to explore the endless menu with an abundance of vegan options offered by Wawin! Start with the signature Deep Fried Combo which includes two vegan spring rolls, two crispy Won Ton, and two vegan chicken drumsticks, and all of these for £6.20. Order the main dish according to your taste, be it Szechuan mushroom with green pepper, bamboo shoots, and black fungus, or vegan ginger Tiger Prawn. The average price for the main course is £9.90. You can also opt for wok stir-fried veggies such as beancurd sheet stir-fried with garlic and ginger in the chef’s special sauce. 

Stanislav KirilovLast Seen: Dec 27, 2023 @ 5:27am 5DecUTC

Stanislav Kirilov



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