Do hotel maids ever sleep with a person staying at the hotel?

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caption YES…

Note; Most Hotel maids are professionals and they are not hookers, nor are they looking for such ‘fun’. Does it ever happen? Yes, it does.

a friend who experienced this said 

   ”I have always been an avid traveler and for almost a decade of my international travels, I was a bachelor.

So meeting new people at places of work, air hostesses (a few times), barmaids, and co-travelers happened all the time, and on various occasions, it led to spending ‘close-up’ time together.

The hotel maid was just once. The year was 2002 and the city was Baghdad. Sanctions had destroyed the country. The outlook was bleak. I had come for business, staying for a few days at the large, run-down hotel. (I am not naming it as that is irrelevant).

A cute maid was serving the floor I was on. I once came back from breakfast, and she was in my room cleaning up. I said hello and she smiled a kind of smile that is a signal to lonely men. She didn’t immediately leave the room (Another cue).

It was still 3–4 days later that I could bed her and then too, it was a short time, and money was involved (Even though she didn’t explicitly ask for it). I am unsure she was interested in me (we had no common language). But she was clearly in need of money.

No other chance, even though I have had touches of laughter with house maids.

okereke ogadinmaLast Seen: Dec 5, 2023 @ 3:10pm 15DecUTC

okereke ogadinma


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