How it feels to be unloved

It's Misty

5th December 2023 | 1 Views
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Forgotten love

I can’t look you in the eye because I think you will see what I hides 

What I really am

I fancy you and how you are

But I know you don’t want me ever to be yours

Because who am I to you

And I will be never anything to you 

You will be Just another story in my life which I’ll forget and maybe not 

I see you ,you don’t looks my way often

You think I m not someone you want

I m not good for you 

You don’t like how I look

You don’t like how I talk

Maybe I disgust you 

If you take one step towards me you ran very far away the very next second

What did I do to deserve this

Maybe I will never have someone to be my side


Now please go and go and go

And please go so far that I don’t recognise you anymore

I don’t have ability to handle the hurt .I can’t go through this torture.i have literally had enough

But I still let myself burn and burn

Maybe I m irritating you boi .it’s all in my head and I am also getting sick of scenerios

It's Misty



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