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Introducing Petra Kidd – no, I ‘m not a pirate! (Even though I’d like to be…)

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Petra Kidd

4th December 2023 | 1 Views

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Who is Petra Kidd?

Petra Kidd: I’m not a pirate, even if my name suggests it!

 This is my first creation on Milyin, and I thought I would use my first creation to introduce myself.

 Even though I live by the water, I am not a pirate. Someone once said that my name resembles that of a pirate, and I quite like that idea. I suppose I am a bit of a swashbuckling creator. My creations will be a mixture of photography, imaginary people, observations, stories, and helpful publishing suggestions.

 If you like humour, art, and learning new things, my creations will be for you. If you are a writer who is self-publishing, you may find some of my creations helpful. I hope so.

 I first self-published back in 2012; since then, I have learned quite a lot, but I am still learning and always happy to share my knowledge.

 Here is a brief summary of my work and interests:

 Short stories

I love to write short stories about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations. My very first short story eBook, The Eight of Swords, was published on Amazon KDP back in 2012. It’s about an immigration officer who comes home to find her home taken over by gypsies. It turns her life around in ways you would never expect. The follow-up, The Putsi, pushes her into an even more bizarre situation.

My next short story wasn’t published until 2020, during the worldwide COVID pandemic. I published The Isolation Sex Stories in response to this extraordinary historical moment. humorous tales of people in lockdown, trying to fulfil their desires. It’s no Fifty Shades of Grey, more a weird and wonderful exploration of how the human race behaves when subjected to a bizarre set of new rules.

 My most recent publication is a book about a seagull supergroup. My writing subjects, as you will gather, are varied.


 While I started writing stories as a young child, my fascination with photography only started in my teens, thanks to the influence of my mother, who in turn had the influence of her father. It wasn’t until I gave up my business as a market trader that I started selling my photography work at shows, exhibitions, and online.

 Living in Norfolk, in the east of England, gave me an endless coastline and a multitude of waterways to photograph. I happen to live in the picturesque mediaeval city of Norwich, which also throws up myriad photo opportunities.


 Publishing my short stories via Amazon KDP created a whole new learning curve. This is where I began to use my photography to create covers for low-content publications such as notebooks and journals. 


 Originally, I used my photography to create merchandise such as t-shirts, cards, and wall art. This led me to design all kinds of designs promoting the county in which I live. I expanded this to patterns and created my own brand, PetraKDesigns.


 Another creative gene was passed down via my maternal grandfather. Like him, I love to draw people. I hasten to add that I possess probably less than 50% of his talent.

 As a market trader, I spent a lot of time observing people, and I began to sketch them quickly in ink. This way, if I made a mistake, I had to start again or somehow rectify it without spoiling the drawing. They are loose sketches, hopefully capturing the characters. When I stopped market trading, I stopped drawing. Then a dear (now-departed) friend (an artist) told me I should carry on drawing. “You make time for the things you love.”

 It took a while, but when I wrote my last book, I needed to illustrate it. This set me off drawing imaginary people to fit the story.

 How my skills and interests interlink

 All of my skills, therefore, interlink. Along the way, I have learned to market my work on all kinds of social media (I have far too many accounts, but somehow I keep up with them).

 A while back, I stopped taking my work to shows and fairs as responsibilities forced me to stop, but I will soon resume attending these.

 It is my hope that I can build all of my skills back into a business that will carry me forward. I will share my experiences with you in the hope that my work can help other creatives achieve their ambitions.

 Thank you for reading.

 Please feel free to leave comments.

 I look forward to sharing my creations with you.


Petra KiddLast Seen: Apr 20, 2024 @ 9:13am 9AprUTC

Petra Kidd



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